Make way for QB Daffy… or don’t, he doesn’t care! This Legendary Athlete will stop at nothing to make the biggest plays the World of Mayhem has ever seen.

QB Daffy is a true freshman and all-American mallard. With a Legendary Leadership Skill right out of the locker room, this Legendary Attacker is ready to put up points for the athlete’s team.

In this blog post, you’ll find all the info on this featured Legendary, as well as its “feeder” team. 


For this Legendary, you will need the following team: High Dive Sam, Egghead Jr., Hillbilly Hare, and Foghorn Leghorn

Tap the FIND button on the featured toon pages to find exchanges for all of them. Specifically, yYou can find some of these toons in different game areas, as follows: 

  • High Dive Sam: In the new “Becoming a Showstopper” event.
  • Egghead Jr: Endurance Tower, Arena Store, and (coming soon) Daily Wheel.
  • Hillbilly Hare: R&DAcme Store, and (coming soon) Mega Wheel, and Reatomizers.
  • Foghorn Leghorn: Daily Wheel and Marvin’s Invasion Campaign and (coming soon) Daily Wheel.

Of course, you’ll also be able to find pieces for the feeder team in the PTL Wheel during the event.

An Important Announcement about Path to Legendary: 

With our recent and ongoing Economy changes, we’ve done significant changes to how toon pieces are sourced throughout the game and in our events.

The team is currently revising how the Path to Legendary events fit into the whole picture, with most pieces already being featured permanently in several areas of the game and with Legendary toons making their return each week in our recurring Encore events. The PTL Wheel, in particular, feels outdated compared to our current models, especially with the upcoming revamps to our Premium wheels, and we feel you could be using your Golden Tickets elsewhere.

For this reason, the QB Daffy PTL event will be the last to feature a PTL Wheel. Following PTL Events will continue running featuring the campaign at least until mid March, guaranteeing reruns of the Ronin Canasta, Pirate Penelope and K9 Anubis PTL Campaigns.

The team will continue to look into possible substitutes in the meantime and we’ll keep you updated with any changes as soon as we can. 

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