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Monster’s Tweety Path to Legendary is coming so here you’ll find all the info on this featured Legendary.

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Some important facts about Path to Legendary:

  • These special Campaigns start at player level 30.
  • Legendary Campaigns rotate and return on a regular schedule – so don’t fret if you cannot clear those stages. They are always coming back and progress is kept!
  • The featured toons for each Campaign will remain the same for each Legendary. This way, you can prepare for the Legendary you want to go after!
  • Players’ progress is saved over from last time the same Path to Legendary was run.

Monster Tweety

For this Legendary, you will need the following team: Gothamer, Dr. Frankenbeans, Phantom Le Pew, Monster Foghorn.

Remember that, on top of the events, you can find some of these toons in different game outlets, as follows:

  • Phantom Le Pew: You will find him in the City Reatomizer

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