Hi doc!

The flames of the Arena are burning and it’s time for some intense PvP action! Do you dare to step in?

We want to give you the heads-up of all new changes coming to the game. In this case, we’ll go through all changes that are coming to these Arena on October 28th!

Off we go!

  • We are increasing the cap on Basic Arena keys from 15 to 25. The Arena League store will now give 25 keys each day. The entry cost and rewards for a Basic Arena will remain the same. This means players will be able to complete 5 Basic Arenas, up from 3, per day for more rewards.

  • We are also increasing the maximum allowable entries for Champions Arena up to 5 per week. Cost per entry and rewards for each Champions Arena will remain unchanged.

  • Reduced the waiting time for Champions Arenas from 30 minutes to 15 minutes before the remaining spots are filled with bots. The times per battle and time per match will remain unchanged.

  • All current Special Mechanics related to specific toons or themes will be removed (for the forseeable future). The Defensive Buff granting 10% stats to all defensive teams will remain.

  • Milestone rewards will not change and no new Milestones will be added. This means that the “harder to get” milestones will be more obtainable since all players have access to more Arenas each week.

  • Weekly Leaderboard Placements now include Boost Cubes! The higher your final placement, the more Core Boost Cubes you will be rewarded! All other placement rewards (gems, masks, idols) will remain the same