Happy Halloween! Since monsters have been a race tag that seemed to function as a theme, we’re introducing the fiend theme tag to make that official.

Go on!

Themes and Relationships

The following toons are now fiends:

  • Monster Tweety
  • Revenant Road Runner
  • Yokai Taz
  • O’Pat
  • Phantom Le Pew
  • Ralph the Vampire
  • Monster Foghorn
  • Gossamer

All toons listed gained a friendship skill with fiends, most replacing a previous friendship.

  • Monster Tweety (rework)
    • *NEW* Bravery’s End (Leadership Passive)
      • For each fiend team member, all enemies:
        • Start a Battle with Attack Down
        • Have a -25% chance to gain Taunt while this Toon is in battle.
    • Bottled Anger (Basic Attack):
      • Deal 110% damage to target enemy. This is always a critical hit.
    • Claws in the Dark (Passive)
      • Whenever a team member hides, grant them 5 Critical Chance Up. At the start of battle, hide all fiend allies.
    • Inner Demon (Activated)
      • Deal 150% damage to target enemy, hiding the ally with the highest Attack.
    • Missing Morsel (Passive)
      • Whenever an enemy steals, if this toon isn’t incapacitated, attack all enemies for 125% damage.

Monster Tweety caught up to his name, bringing lethality to the new fiend theme with Hidden-based utility and a conspicuous inability to share food. He’s like a death metal Big Bird, so spooky his enemies can’t even bring themselves to Taunt.

  • Phantom Le Pew (Buff)
    • Attack: +10.3 %
    • That scent which Calls (Passive)
      • The first time this toon deals damage, the target becomes its Beloved for the rest of battle. Whenever that toon is defeated, gain+50% Attack for the rest of battle.
    • Strange Pew-et (Activated)
      • Gain +10% Attack until end of turn for each Debuff on this toon’s Beloved, then deal 140% damage to target enemy.

        Damage, damage, damage.
  • Monster Foghorn (Buff)
    • Eye Throw (Basic Attack)
      • Deal 100% damage to target enemy, gaining 2 Defense Up for the rest of battle.
    • Lightning Strike (Activated)
      • Deal 155% damage to target enemy with 100% Lifesteal. This attack is undodgeable.
    • Bodies-Guard (Passive)
      • Whenever an ally’s health falls below 35%, gain Taunt for 2 turns, granting this toon and that ally Sure Critical.
    • Bad Memories (Passive)
      • Whenever this toon takes or lands a critical hit, it gains 4 Speed Up.

Frankenfog is an old toon who still pulls his weight, so these upgrades are just quality-of-life sprinklings of spooky spice.

  • O’Pat (Buff)
    • Pot of Gold (Passive)
      • While this toon is in battle, each turn, a random enemy has the Pot of Gold. Whenever a team member hits that enemy, heal your team for 20% Max Health and grant them Critical Chance Up.

O’Pat’s main heal should now provide a better payoff for the challenge. It’s especially good with Monster Tweety on an all-fiends team, against which enemies can’t hide the Pot behind Taunt. 

~ Leopold