BATTLE PASS is coming! Earn over 300 Legendary Character Super Rabbit pieces from milestones and access juicy crates with more Super Rabbit pieces. Complete BATTLE PASS Daily and Weekly quests to earn points toward different milestones and earn awesome rewards! 

There are two tiers of rewards in BATTLE PASS:

  • Free: Earn potions, regional materials, tickets, and gems for completing milestones.
  • Premium: Milestones give Legendary Super Rabbit pieces and even more potions, tickets, R&D potions, Secret Stuff, and other rewards. With this Premium tier, you will gain exclusive access to BATTLE PASS Crate(Premium track milestone 20 only).

There will be 2 BATTLE PASS offers:

  • Unlock Pack: Unlock Premium track rewards ($19.99)
  • Upgraded Pack: Unlock Premium track rewards + enough points to reach milestone 20 – immediate unlock of BATTLE PASS Crate for more Super Rabbit pieces! ($49.99)


We’re polishing the World of Mayhem to perfection!

Player feedback is very important for us as we continue bringing new gameplay experiences to the game. 

With the aim to improve our quality standards even further, the World of Mayhem team will start introducing different features to small group players, prior to their official release. Players may be introduced to different versions of certain features as we work towards taking Looney Tunes to its best version! 

These specific groups will then play through the new updates, and will help validate that everything is where it needs to be – both from a technical and balancing perspective.

Stay tuned to our looney blog, Discord server, and in-game inbox for more information, as well as how to provide feedback if you end up being selected for early access!