Come one, come all! You’ve seen the cannonballer, the Sword-Swallower, and even the Lion Tamer. Now for the show-stopper, the one, the only, High Dive Sam!

With this latest addition to the Circus Team, you’ll finally have a complete ensemble to be able to put on the greatest show on earth, so gather the rest of your circus toons and see if you have what it takes to become a Showstopper!

Event Details

  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Unlock Level: 40
  • 2 Campaigns:
    • Becoming a Showstopper
    • The Looney Circus
  • Quests
  • Tournament
  • 2 Wheels
  • Featured Toons:
    • Lion Tamer Elmer
    • High Dive Sam
    • Cannonball Coyote
    • Sword Swallwer She-Devil
    • The Mighty Angelo
    • Show Biz Daffy
    • Show Biz Bugs
    • Corny Conductor Elmer (Battle Pass Toon)


This event will feature 2 Campaigns.

Becoming a Showstopper

  • Use featured toons to collect Goggles and unlock High Dive Sam.
  • Goggles are also awarded as repeat rewards and can be used in special event exchanges.
  • First-time rewards include High Dive Sam and featured toon pieces, and Tune-Up Materials to empower your High Dive Sam

The Looney Circus

  • Bring High Dive Sam and featured toons and fight for Lion Tamer Elmer toon pieces and Whips!
  • Whips also have a chance to drop as repeat rewards and can be used in the legendary Whip Wheel
  • Other first-time rewards include Farm Atoms, Secret Stuff, and Superior Buckets of Milk

Event Exchanges

14 High Dive Sam Pieces300 Goggles1000
35 Cannonball Coyote Pieces300 Goggles1000
35 Sword Swallower She-Devil Pieces300 Goggles1000
100 The Mighty Angelo Pieces300 Goggles1000
235 Show Biz Daffy Pieces300 Goggles1000
235 Show Biz Bugs Pieces300 Goggles1000
35 Ultimate XP Potions300 Goggles1000
30 High Dive Sam Pieces10 Crests of Mayhem50
50 High Dive Sam Pieces100 Battle Badges10


  • High Dive Wheel: Requires 3 Golden Tickets for a chance to win pieces for High Dive Sam and other featured toons.
  • Whip Wheel: Requires 5 Whips for GUARANTEED Lion Tamer Elmer pieces.


Event Quests:

  • Complete campaigns to earn High Dive Sam pieces and Cosmic Star upgrade 3 for Show Biz Daffy, The Mighty Angelo, Cannonball Coyote, and Sword Swallower She-Devil.
  • Collect Featured Toon pieces to earn Golden Tickets, Campaign Energy and more Featured Toon pieces
  • Collect Superior Regional Materials to earn Cosmic Stones, Gold League Medals and Goggles.
  • Complete the Looney Circus campaign for an exclusive game title, Lion Tamer Elmer Cosmic Star 3 upgrade, and High Dive Sam Cosmic Star 4 upgrade!

Diving for Glory

  • Empower your High Dive Sam to earn useful rewards!
  • Complete them all to earn up to Cosmic Upgrade 3 for High Dive Sam.
  • Obtaining 25 victories in the Looney Circus Campaign will also award 1,500 Secret Stuff and 13 Combs.


Participate in the tournament by completing Event and Diving for Glory quests, using campaign energy, collecting Lion Tamer Elmer and High Dive Sam pieces, and collecting Goggles.

Top rank rewards include the exclusive in-game title “Watch Me Fly”.

Milestone rewards

MilestonesPointsHigh Dive Sam Golden TicketsCombSuperior Bucket of MilkFine Bucket of MilkBucket of MilkUltimate XP PotionUltra XP PotionGold

High Dive Sam