What’s up, doc? 

We have news concerning the next Path to Legendary. You don’t want to miss out on this one because it’s a brand new Campaign, featuring the amazing Super-Rabbit! His mere presence on the battlefield cranks his allies’ Defense, and his personal Debuff Resistance keeps him fit and looking great. Pair with Flaming Succotash for heroic effect.

Super-Rabbit’s Path to Legendary is coming next week so here you’ll find all the info on this featured Legendary, as well as its “feeder” team. 

Stay tuned, as we are planning to launch a feeder team event RIGHT BEFORE this Path of Legendary is active, so you guys work on your feeder toons! Stay tuned!


For this Legendary, you will need the following team: Speedy Gonzales, Lunar Petunia, Iron Mutt, and an upcoming new toon, Presto Pig (stay tuned for his event, arriving soon!). Together they form a super-squad protected by Damage Immunity and Heal Over Time, which their powers convert to damage through various skills.

Super Rabbit

You can find some of these toons in different game outlets, as follows:

  • Speedy Gonzales: in-game events
  • Lunar Petunia: in-game events, Golden/Mega Wheel, Endurance Tower shop
  • Iron Mutt: in-game events
  • Presto Pig: in-game events 

Some important facts about Path to Legendary: 

  • These special Campaigns start at player level 30.
  • Legendary Campaigns will rotate and return on a regular schedule – so don’t fret if you cannot clear those stages. 
  • They are always coming back and progress is kept! 
  • The featured toons for each Campaign will remain the same for each Legendary. This way, you can prepare for the Legendary you want to go after!

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