What’s up, doc? 

In this “Roadmap of Mayhem” post we want to give you a high-level overview of different features and improvements that we are currently working on. 

You will see all of these coming in the next weeks and months. As we approach release dates, we’ll continue giving you deeper insights into them. 

But for the time being, off we go!

Find (and farm) resources faster!

First things first, we’re working on a quicker system for you to farm all the resources you need in World of Mayhem. The improved “Find” flow is not only much faster at listing all available sources, but also allows you to auto-play battles and claim offers right then and there.

We hope this quality of life improvement speeds up your daily play as much as it does ours.

Old Find flow left a lot to be desired
NEW & FAST: Farm what you are looking for in seconds!

More recurrent Path to Legendary Campaigns

Making the Path of Legendary Campaigns more frequent was one suggestion that kept coming back every time we launched one of them. We’re happy to announce we’ll increase the frequency of all our existing PtLs so you can expect broadly one rerun per week, starting in February.  

You can check all our existing Paths to Legendary (and the feeder teams you require in each) HERE.

New Lucky Saloon Feature

Welcome to Wildcard Wolf’s saloon! Care to grab a seat and play a hand?

We’re working on a daily log-in feature that will allow you guys to collect free goodies each day by playing a little minigame. The drill is simple: pick one card and see what you’ve got. Is it a reward? Hooray, it goes to your loot stash. Is it a bomb? Oooops, you lose everything! 

You can leave at any given time with the rewards already on your stash. Or you can keep on playing for even bigger prizes. But remember, Wildcard Wolf always has a bomb up his sleeve!

This is just a mockup – final design, details and rewards may change!

Special Valentine’s Tower: ❤❤❤ Tower of Love ❤❤❤

A new tower will be coming to the World of Mayhem – the Tower of Love! It will feature Cupid Elmer and give special rewards. Stay tuned for more information!

Other improvements

The Back arrow will now properly behave like a Back arrow and send you to the immediately previous step. Finally!

Special Event energy will now properly appear in the Top Bar in the relevant events.

Look at that beautiful note!

Arena will soon require Skull Energy, a new type of energy that will replace basic Skull Keys, allowing you the same number of max entries per day but saving you the trip to the Arena store. Champions Arena will continue to use Champion Keys. 

Look out to your Inbox for more specifics, closer to the release date!

The Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Team