With imperial and fiend toons terrorizing World of Mayhem, it’s time for Super Rabbit and the heroes to save us.

Let’s check these changes!


With the arrival of Super Rabbit’s Path to Legendary (PTL) event — and preceding the new heroes Iron Mutt, Presto Pig, and Super Coyote — we’re reinvigorating the existing heroes with super-stuff to better play with each other against existing threats. 

Super Rabbit (Rework)

*NEW* I’ll Save You: Hero team members have Damage Immunity until the end of each enemy’s first turn.

  • Flying Punch (Basic Attack)
    • Deal 110% damage to target enemy with +50% Piercing. Whenever an enemy steals, use this against them.
  • Hero’s Intervention (Activated, 2-turn cooldown)
    • Gain Taunt and 4 Attack Up for 2 turns. Grant the most damaged ally Damage Immunity, Heal Over Time, Debuff Resistance Up, Speed Up, and 10% Turn Meter.
  • Super Carrot (Activated, 1-turn cooldown)
    • Gain 4 Defense Up, 3 Attack Up, and 2 Speed Up for 2 turns. Gain Damage Immunity and 50% Turn Meter.
  • Multiverse (Activated, 2-turn cooldown)
    • Deal 100% damage to all enemies, plus 10% extra damage for each hero team member.
  • Impervious Protector (Passive)
    • While this toon is in battle, your team has +50% Debuff Resistance and all enemies have -5% Speed for each hero team member.
  • Valiant Protector (Archetype Passive)
    • While Taunting, this toon has +25% Defense and Attack.

Cooldowns came down, damage went up, another source of Damage Immunity appeared, an aura extended to the team, and two new effects now scale with each hero at Super Rabbit’s side.

Flaming Succotash (Rework)
  • Paw Burner (Basic Attack)
    • Deal 95% damage to target enemy, gaining 2 Speed Up for 2 turns.
  • Stoke the Flame (Activated, 1-turn cooldown)
    • Gain 3 Attack Up and 2 Healing Over Time for 2 turns, plus 50% Turn Meter. Grant all hero allies 4 Stat Up.
  • Shielded Strength (Passive)
    • This toon has +25% Attack. Team members with Damage Immunity have +50% Attack.
  • Flareball (Activated, 2-turn cooldown)
    • Deal 135% damage to target enemy. If this defeats the target, use Flareball again on a random enemy.
  • Hero’s Journey (Passive)
    • While this toon is in battle, your team has +25% resistance to Turn Meter reduction for each hero team member.

Hero’s Journey now requires a full team of heroes to grant full immunity to Turn Meter reduction, but in exchange, cooldowns came down, damage went up (a lot), and hero team members receive more buffs more reliably. We call that a fair trade.

— Leopold