A new moon rises, villains adjust their tactics, and Daffy Duck confounds us all. These changes are coming to the game to match the start of our Friday event, Starlit Travels.

Off we go!

Lunar (New theme!)

Lunar Toro is World of Mayhem’s third toon to celebrate Chinese New Year, and we felt like that was finally enough to split them off as their own team. This meant choosing their collective identity in combat, which we found in Lunar Petunia’s ‘ascension’ mechanic, and a complete rework of last year’s Master Speedy, who never quite achieved his eponymous mastery.

The result is a debuff-heavy toolbox team with a control/stall playstyle. We’re excited to watch them find their place!

Master Speedy (Rework)

Master Speedy
  • Southern Viper Strike (Basic Attack): Deal 110% damage to target enemy, inflicting Speed Down for 2 turns. If Ascended, reduce the cooldown of Soaring Crater Technique by 1.
  • Thousand Nettle Style (Passive): This toon has +25% Dodge Chance. Whenever an enemy attacks this toon, it inflicts the attacking enemy with Speed Down for 2 turns.
  • Perfect Blossom Form (Activated, 1-turn cooldown): Cleanse all debuffs on this toon, gaining Attack Up for 2 turns for each, plus 50% Turn Meter. If Ascended, grant that much Attack Up to all allies as well.
  • Reverbating Chi (Passive): This toon has +10% Attack for each debuff on its target.
  • Soaring Crater Technique (Activated, 2-turn cooldown): Deal 140% damage to target enemy, inflicting 4 Speed Down for 2 turns. If Ascended, Stun the target.
  • School of the Serpent (Passive): Once per turn, whenever a lunar team member hits an enemy with Speed Down, gain 3 Attack Up. The 4th time this happens, this toon Ascends, removing 100% Turn Meter from all enemies.

As the only the Attacker (for now) of the new lunar team, Master Speedy — previously designed to enable single-target nukers like Treasure Hunter Tweety — needed to both find an ascension mechanic of his own and carry the team’s damage output.

Alongside Lunar Toro’s Legendary leadership skill, which grants bonus attack that scales with each ascended team member, Master Speedy now provides the team’s Speed-based control techniques before unleashing fantastic damage in his ascended state. Bow to your new sensei.

Lunar Petunia (Buff)

  • Lunar Blessing (Activated, 1-turn cooldown): Gain 100% Turn Meter, granting your team 1 of each Stat Up for the rest of battle. If Ascended, cleanse your team of a random debuff.

The first of the lunars, Petunia predates her team as a concept. Adding an extra 25% Turn Meter-gain to her primary buff, making it essentially a free ability, should grease the celestial wheel and make her ascension easier to attain.


Nova Bunny (Rework)

  • Temperamental (Passive): Whenever an enemy hits this toon, inflict that enemy with 3 Damage Over Time for 2 turns.
  • Pyrozania (Activated, 2-turn cooldown): Grant all allies 3 Attack Up for 2 turns, dealing 100% damage to all enemies.
  • Nova Burst (Passive): Once per battle, whenever a villain team member falls below 30% Max Health and this toon isn’t incapacitated, gain 5 Attack Up for the rest of battle and use Cosmic Reconstruction.

Look, a healer focused on Damage Over Time will always be, to some degree, an Attacker-Support hybrid, but one that can solo entire teams 200k+ Power above hers is neither: it’s just broken. Nova Bunny clearly did much more than expected, so this rework should bring her unreasonable damage under control, make her behave more like her archetype, and better support villains as a team.

The skinny is that she’s no longer as selfish, uses her healing ability in emergencies instead of AoE damage, and increases the damage potential of her team’s Damage Over Time instead of cleansing them of debuffs (which isn’t something villains should do).

Evil Granny (Buff)

Evil Granny
  • Stand In Judgment (Passive): This toon has +10% Defense for each Damage Over Time in battle.
  • Hasty (Archetype Passive): At the start of battle, this toon gains 100% Turn Meter.

While examining villains as a team, we identified the speed with which Evil Granny blankets the battle with Damage Over Time as a major impediment to her use. We thus did the unthinkable — we gave her Hasty, letting her begin battle with 100% Turn Meter — and compensated for the lost Defense bonus granted by her previous archetype skill with a proportional buff to Stand in Judgement.


Daffy Duck (Reversion)

  • All recent changes reversed

A recent rework of Daffy Duck underestimated the importance of his playstyle among his fans, and attempts to reconcile the two versions suggest that he was just fine as he was. Thus, here’s your Daffy back. He’s unchanged… for now.

Tourist Daffy (Buff)

  • Can’t Stand the Pain (Activated): Heal all team members for 90% heal-power. Cleanse 4 Debuffs and all Chilly from each Rabbit and Daffy team member.

By popular request.

— Leopold