What’s up, doc?

The next update to hit World of Mayhem is just around the corner so we wanted to give you the lowdown on everything you can expect. Interesting stuff incoming, so let’s check it out!


With version 24.0.0, players will be able to collect nifty rewards simply by logging daily into the game. This is something our community has been requesting for a while now and we are very glad to bring it to you right before the Holiday season. 

All available daily calendars will be accessible from the INBOX menu (look for the new CALENDAR icon!). There, you can expect to find the following ones:

  • Christmas Calendar (seasonal) – featuring Reindeer Road Runner. Starts on December 15th and for players above level 10.
  • Monthly Calendar (permanent) – featuring Master Speedy, Golden Tickets, Superior Regional materials, and much more! Starts on January 1st and for players above level 10. In February, a new one will start with a different featured toon and other goodies!
  • Seize the Day Calendar (permanent) – this one will replace the current “Play from Home” quests and will reward Cosmic Stones! Starts for players above level 38.
  • Gem Pass Calendar (seasonal) – this one will replace the current “Gem Pass” offers in the store. Available to purchase for players above level 20.
Preview of our Holiday Calendar

What happens if you miss a day? Depends on the calendar! With Monthly calendars, you will be able to pick up where you left off the next day and even if you miss a few days, you will still be able to reach the final reward every month. The Play from Home calendar has massive rewards for day 7, but will reset back to day 1 if you miss a day. 


We are also bringing new maps to Alliance Wars! In the future, there will be three map sizes: Small (2 islands), Medium (3 islands), and Large (our typical 4-island set up). 

When a new Enlistment phase comes up and depending on the number of eligible members in your Alliance, you will be allocated in one of these, as follows:

  • Small map – 5 to 19 members 
  • Medium map – 20 to 45 members
  • Large map – 46 to 50 members

The structure and reward schemes of these new maps will vary according to their size. For instance, a Small map will require fewer teams to defend a lower number of structures. Larger Alliances fighting in Medium but especially in Large maps will need to dedicate more efforts and teams in the defending and attacking phases but they will be granted better rewards at the end of the War. 

The War Overview window will display all the new map information and reward progression. Simply head to the RANK & PRIZES tab and browse through the different reward schemes and positions depending on each map size. 

Alliance Wars milestones are not changing for the time being.

Prizes depend on map size

Players will still be able to earn War Coins from the War Coin Plunder Campaigns.

Purchasing War Buffs will remain largely the same, with larger maps offering more buffs.

The schedule of Plunder Campaigns will be adjusted. All 6 island chapters will be available on every war, allowing more choice on how to farm the most War Coins.  

Alliance War Schedule Changes:

With the introduction of New Maps, we are taking the opportunity to update the AW schedule to once a week. Our goal is to maximize the most engaging part of Alliance Wars, the actual fighting.

AW Phases will be adjusted accordingly:


Matchmaking notes:

The Alliance War matchmaking system will be expanded to account for Map size. In a sense, Large map alliances will fight other Large Map alliances and so on. Matching within a map will be determined by each alliance’s strength – top players and eligible player collection power are primary factors. 

In edge cases where an alliance is needed to round out a [Large Map] War Group, an alliance of comparable strength and active members may be promoted to fight on the bigger map.

Small map with two islands

Developer comments: Since Alliance Wars was introduced a year ago, we have seen a constant growth of active alliances. We regularly hear from players that AW is the most exciting aspect of LT:WoM, as they have discovered and formed real bonds with people in their Alliances.

With the expansion of New Maps, we are excited to bring Alliance Wars to more players than ever! The minimum number of active alliance players needed for an Alliance to enlist will be reduced from 23 to 5 and the unlock level for Alliance Wars will be reduced from level 40 to 32. More players in Alliance Wars means more players to recruit in bigger Alliances. At the same time, we feel it is time to up the stakes for our long time players. The Large Map will provide a bigger battleground for mature alliances to develop new strategies and really leverage the roster expertise they have been building in the year since War’s launch. To reward the increased commitment and coordination, you will be fighting for bigger than ever rewards.

The Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Team