Time for our 3rd Economy Update!

As you’ll remember, Economy Update 1 brought Cosmic Stars to our Endurance Tower cycle and rewards, while Economy Update 2 addressed our base Toon piece sourcing by revamping Marvin’s Invasion Campaign and offering clearer paths to complete toon teams in each game mode.

This time, we are focusing on Tune Up Materials.

Today, we are discussing key improvements in four areas: 

  • Core Tune Up Materials: Dynamite, Anvil, Regional Materials 
  • Unique Materials 
  • Secret Stuff 
  • Atoms

Through the following changes, we hope to address every aspect of the Tune Up Economy with these goals in mind:

  • Speed up the time it takes to reach Tune Up 45 significantly
  • Always available. No need to wait for store rotations to make progress
  • Rarities that make sense. Rare materials should be harder to earn than Common, etc.
  • Reduce low quality time. Aka less grinding and waiting for hundreds of crates to open

The following changes span multiple game modes and as such, will take some time to deploy all of them. On the bright side, we have prioritized key improvements to start alleviating pain points as soon as possible.

Core Tune Up Materials

More Battles in Challenges

We will be updating Challenges with 3 new Battles for every Chapter and Act. 

We are also adding 4 new Acts in the Quarry Challenge, to flex recently released teams and earn even more first-time rewards.

Battles 11, 12, and 13 will require significantly stronger teams to beat, but they will reward you with juicy first-time rewards and a 50% increase in weekly resources compared to what you can earn today. 

Defeat every new Battle to earn more than 100 Golden Tickets and 100K Gems!!

Timeline: Week of Jan 24

Tune Up Materials in Marvin’s Invasion

We will be updating Marvin’s Invasion so that it becomes a reliable source for every Core Tune Up Material, including Dynamite, Anvil, all Regional materials, and their fine and superior variants. This change will provide an additional, on-demand source for any of these materials as Brawl Crates will remain unchanged.

While we will be maintaining rewards previously available from Marvin’s Invasion – namely the new farmable characters introduced with Econ Update 2 – the format of Marvin’s Invasion will be updated to a Regional structure. This will make it easier to know which chapter drops what regional material. 

To complete the puzzle, three new chapters will be added to Marvin’s Invasion for Avalooney, WB Studio, and Tasmania. Don’t worry, your progress will persist, meaning you won’t have to replay battles you have previously beaten.

Timeline: Early March

Unique Materials

With the ever-growing roster of Toons available in the game, 5 Unique Materials every 5 days no longer feel like enough to sustain regular Tune Up progression. Unique Materials will remain exclusive rewards for Gold League Medals, but with the following changes:

  • Every Unique Material is going to be available every day from the FIND flow.
  • We are also removing the purchase limit from Unique Mat offers in the FIND store. To compensate, the cost will go up every 5 purchases. The cost will reset back down every 24 hours.

On days when your desired Unique is on rotation, you’ll be able to make double the progress by purchasing Unique materials from both the League store and the FIND flow

Dev Notes

Taking a cue from the recently updated Character Piece offers in Tower, R&D, and Arena Stores, with this change you will no longer have to wait for specific store rotations. Instead, you will be able to make daily progress and focus your league medals only on the Unique materials you want.

Timeline: Early March

Secret Stuff

While we do consider Secret Stuff a premium material, we are currently dissatisfied with its limited availability.

The mid-term plan to address this problem is to introduce Secret Stuff in the Idle System: the replacement to the current World and toon quests system (mentioned in our December Roadmap of mayhem)

The World destruction replacement is getting closer and closer and part of the reward overhaul will be the addition of Secret Stuff. We are positioning the Idle system as the primary source for Secret Stuff, but what happens until then?

Get more Secret Stuff in Events. To make sure there’s enough Secret Stuff inflow available in the game until the World is replaced, Secret Stuff will continue to be sourced primarily from Events. Based on your feedback, we will be making the following changes:

  • More accessible. The bulk of Secret Stuff in encore events will be moved from event campaigns and high milestones to low milestones.
  • Play two Encore Events to earn enough Secret Stuff to reach Tune Up 45. We will be adjusting Secret Stuff accordingly to hit this design target
  • Once Idle System is released, Secret Stuff will be moved from Events to Idle, with another opportunity to balance as needed

Timeline: Event changes in mid-late February. World replacement in late March.


Following these Econ Update 3 changes, the most difficult resource to collect on the path from Tune Up 30 to Tune Up 45 will be Atoms.

To help you with this challenge, we are going to lean harder on the original method of earning Atoms, which relies on converting Character Pieces from maxed out Characters of the same region. 

Between the various Store currencies, Illudium, and Campaign battles, there are multiple avenues to earn these Character Pieces and thus Atoms. We want to make these avenues significantly more obvious and easier to find.

When looking for Atoms, sources for respective maxed character pieces will appear in the FIND flow. These Character Pieces will be immediately converted to Atoms

If you are looking for Town Atoms and you have maxed character pieces for Contender Sylvester, Battles for Contender Sylvester pieces will appear in the FIND flow.

Timeline: Late February 

Bonus: Core Wheel Update

A reward for making it this far bub! We will be modernizing some of our long-standing Wheels and Reatomizers with rewards that make more sense for the modern era and make spinning them more interesting. Particularly appealing for our new players, but also something for everyone who has missed a few of our older events. 

Here’s a quick overview of the changes:

  • Daily Wheel: Will now drop only OG Toons (non-legendary).
  • Premium Wheel: Now drops every Common and Rare Toon,. guaranteed to unlock with every spin.
  • Mega Wheel: A nice selection of Epic Toons, guaranteed to unlock with every spin.
  • Reatomizers: Updated to include more toons released in the last 2 years

Timeline: Week of Jan 24

We hope this gives you a better idea of all the changes coming to the World of Mayhem. As we gradually implement all the changes in Econ Update #3, we’ll make sure to keep an eye on community feedback and make adjustments as we go.

So, make sure to join our Discord channel and keep letting us know what you in #general-feedback think!