For the past few months, we’ve been hard at work reviewing how features and events in Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem function as a whole. At the beginning of the year, we launched some important updates, which significantly altered the overall experience of the game, by adding new levels of power and paths of progression with additions such as gadgets, an increase in the level cap, etc.

Due to this, we felt that the core loop and routines required some revamping, as we hadn’t shown them some love in quite a while, and we were starting to notice the effects they were having on how players progress through the game and prioritize progression paths. Thanks to player feedback we’re also able to identify some key gaps in how specific resources and toon pieces are available in the game and we are also trying to ensure we can provide more venues and opportunities for players to get what they need with future updates.

The main focus for our changes moving forward is for each game mode and area of the game to have a clearer purpose, and for you to be able to focus on getting what you need when you want it, without having to depend so much on the availability of specific challenges or events, while also updating the various stores and rewards to feel more in touch with how the game has evolved through the years. 

In the next few months, we will be proceeding with a series of Economy changes in order to adapt every loop to the current state of the game. We are kicking this initiative off with changes to Cosmic Star progression and Endurance Tower, and we will also try and provide more insight into why we’re making specific changes to hopefully provide you with a clearer picture of what you can expect down the road. 

Cosmic Star Progression

We’re going to be implementing a series of changes that will be aiming to remove most premium direct Cosmic Star Upgrades and make the Endurance Tower your main path to progress through the Cosmic Star ranks, by offering an all-new challenge level and increasing the number of Cosmic Stones offered throughout. We will still be offering select Direct Cosmic Star Upgrades through some of our Tournaments.

Our main goal is for Cosmic Star Upgrades to not rely on Black Tickets and offer better and more reliable access to Cosmic Stones, and more accessible ways to get what you’re after through the Cosmic Star Store.

Key Changes

Although we understand the ramifications of these changes, as they have been available in the game for a long time, we feel it is better for the overall game experience to remove the premium quests rather than further increase goalposts for our players. 

  • Endurance Tower as the primary source of Cosmic Stars: Cosmic Stone rewards for all existing towers will be increased by 30%. In addition, earn more Great Cosmic Stones than ever in the brand new Doom Tower difficulty
  • Cosmic Stones and Star rewards from events will be significantly reduced: We will be ending the CS Campaign along with the Regionals, and Team Spotlight events in favor of the much more predictable Endurance Tower.
    Note: Team Spotlights will end on 12/3. The remaining will be:
    • Aristocrats on 11/16
    • Pirates on 11/23
    • Magic on 11/30
  • The Cosmic Star store is getting more accessible: The new store will refresh every 8 hours (from 24h), feature 8 toons per refresh (from 6), and will have a lower gem cost to refresh of 100/200/300/500/1000 gems (from 300/600/1200/4500). Finally, we are reducing the cost to purchase direct cosmic star promotions for CS 4-7 by 25%

The Cosmic Star Economy update and Doom Tower refresh are going live the week of Nov 25.

We know these are big changes, and that it will take some time to get used to, but we are confident these will have a positive impact in the long run, along with other planned changes down the road.  We sincerely hope this helps give you a better understanding of where we’re heading and we look forward to sharing more news and insights in the future.