Once our Regional events make their final appearance, an all-new event will be introduced to take its place: Encores

Encore Events look to help reintroduce some of our more veteran Toons and provide a new way to source older toons both for those still looking to complete their collections or still working at bolstering their ranks. As always, the team will be looking towards the community feedback on our events to fine-tune and adapt them, so please bear this in mind as some of the information shared here could be changed in the future.

Each Encore Event will focus on 2 Toons, one Epic and one Legendary, along with a featured team of toons. For example, our maiden event will feature Iron Mutt and Treasure Hunter Tweety, alongside Super Coyote, The Flaming Succotash, and Speedy Gonzalez.

This featured team will be key to allowing you to progress through the event’s Campaign.

The Encore Campaign will feature 3 Chapters:

  • Starter Challenge
  • Main Challenge
  • Bonus Challenge

As you may have guessed, each chapter will increase in challenge and requirements, and offer increasing amounts of Event Collectibles, Gold, and XP Potions as rewards.

Encore Quests will also be available during the event. As you collect Featured Toon Pieces, Event Collectibles, spin the Epic and Legendary Wheels, and even spend gold, you’ll earn a multitude of rewards including but not limited to Gold, Campaign Energy, Event Collectibles, Legendary Wheel Tokens, Tune-up Tickets, Secret Stuff, Legendary Toon Pieces and more.

The event will also feature a Tournament with the Ranked rewards featuring up to direct Cosmic Star 7 Upgrades for our featured Epic Toon. Milestone rewards will also include Gadget Tickets, Event Collectibles, Gems, Gold, and pieces for both our Epic and Legendary toons.

You will also have 2 wheels to spin:

  • Epic Wheel: Uses Event Collectibles and feature the Epic Toon, Secret Stuff, Gold League Medals, and Vials as a reward.
  • Legendary Wheel: Uses a Legendary Wheel token and exclusively drop Legendary Toon pieces.

Last but not least, all those Event Collectibles you’ve been hoarding can be used towards Encore Exchanges. Here’s an example so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

5 Legendary Wheel Tokens7500 Collectibles2
Chance at the Legendary Featured Toon with guaranteed Event collectibles, Regional Materials, and Campaign Energy 1 Iron Collar100
10 Pieces of Each Epic Featured Toon300 Collectibles1000
75 Pieces of a Random Rare Toon from a specific region300 Collectibles1000
125 Pieces of a Random Common Toon from a specific region300 Collectibles1000
Regional materials exchange200 Collectibles250
100 Dynamite150 Collectibles10
25 Fine Dynamite150 Collectibles20
2 Superior Dynamite150 Collectibles85
30 Anvils180 Collectibles25
10 Fine Anvils160 Collectibles50

You can expect specific details to be included for each event in our Official Blog before going live, so we hope this gives you an idea of what to expect coming soon to LT: WOM!