We’ve recently addressed a few bugs in the game, so here’s a detailed look with more info:

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed multiple issues with browsing, editing and saving teams. Among other things, the Back button will now properly send you back to to the Team edit screen instead of the Teams tab
  • Although they looked diminished, War Buffs were still in full effect during battle, even after taking down Towers and Ships. This has been fixed, so taking down a Tower is going to be a lot more impactful come next war
  • Fixed an issue that made toons that deal massive damage to some times deal 0 damage instead (ex. a Maxed Out Zombie Sam)
  • Gifts claimed from Inbox messages would often appear bundled up in the reward screen. That was too cozy for this day and age, so we pulled them (6ft) apart
  • The League shield on the Brawl pedestal would go missing after restarting the game. It has since been found and returned to its place
  • Fixed multiple localization issues in Alliance War and Login Calendar, with strings getting cut off unexpectedly