Roll up! Move up! The Circus is in Town!

This 4 toon ensemble is sure to have you stand spellbound in amazement with their fast-paced show and relentless momentum! This team relies on speed and making sure nothing can slow them down. With plenty of Speed Ups and a toon that literally swallows Speed Downs like there is no tomorrow, your enemies will feel like they’re just sitting back to enjoy the spectacle. Careful with Taunting as well, as they won’t let anyone steal the spotlight for too long! 

Lion Tamer Elmer

The main attraction of our Circus could be none other than the Lion Tamer!

With the ability to stack Speed Up on his allies, he guarantees the show never stops, with his “Don’t Wait” passive always giving him more momentum. With a powerful heal and the ability to revive fallen allies, he also provides unique bonuses to allies falling below 50% health and during Alliance Wars. He’s truly a one-man show!