There have always been rumors that our Tower had a secret floor, where the most rabid of toons live, and that even entering can make the bravest feel weak at the knees…

Well, this one seems legit, as our Acme Engineers are proud to unveil the most challenging floor yet: The Doom Tower.

The Ultimate Challenge

Unlocking at level 79, the Doom Tower isn’t for the faint of heart, as you’re going to need an impressive selection of toons to make it out in one piece.

Thinking you’ll just whip out your Tower Team and make quick work of this? Think again! Just entering the Doom Tower will automatically apply DOOM! to your entire team.

Doom is a persistent debuff that can’t be cleansed. For each stack of Doom your toons will lose HP each turn and a percentage of base stats. If your toons still manage to survive, they will gain more stacks of Doom the further they make it down the tower and the longer they stay in combat. You’ll need to rely on more than just your main team to get you through this time!

Sound hard enough? Well, strap on your big boy pants as we’ll also be cranking up the difficulty making this the hardest PvE experience in the game so far! Just to give you an idea, the base difficulty for the Doom Tower’s first floor will be matching the difficulty of Danger Floor 5. By the end of it, you can expect to need a fully powered up team, Epic gadgets in tow, to have any hope of finishing the Doom Tower.

But hey, with enough health potions anything is possible, right? Yep, you walked into that one too. The Doom Tower will require its own set of Health potions which will be limited and can’t be bought. You’ll have a fixed amount and will need to be smart with them. And don’t worry, you’ll still have your stack of the original potions intact to be used on the other areas.

Get ready to bite more than you can chew when the Doom Tower arrives on November 25th.

Tower General Changes

We’re also renovating the rest of the floors, as the Tower will now serve as your main source of Cosmic Stones and to increase your toon’s Cosmic Star rank.

  • Increased Cosmic Stone Rewards: We’re increasing your Cosmic Stone rewards across the board by 30%, with the new Doom Tower becoming the single best source for Cosmic Stones.
  • Tournaments are Solo: We’ll be adapting the Tournament and scoring to a Solo tournament, allowing you to be rewarded directly for your efforts. We also didn’t want you to have to focus on 2 Alliance tournaments, as the new Alliance R&D feature is just around the corner.