2021 is almost ending and although we might be about to start the holiday celebrations, we already have an eye fixed on the new year and things to come!

Like with our previous Roadmap Post, we’re giving you a look behind the scenes at things we’re currently working on along with a list of confirmed toons for the starting months of the year!

Let’s kick things off by looking at what’s cooking.

Performance Improvements

Our focus next year is to really improve overall performance for the game. We’re going to be rolling out some backend improvements over the next few months which will hopefully improve loading times, speed up in-game interactions and potentially remove some persistent crashes some of our players continue to experience.

What’s next for the World Map? 

We will be replacing the World with something new and better! Yep, you heard it right. We’re working towards removing the World Map from the game. Although cute to look at, once players have collected a large number of toons, it can get pretty busy and resource-heavy.

Don’t worry! You’ll still be able to send out your toons to earn character pieces and resources for you, and we’re even adding some extra Quality of Life changes:

  • Idle System: We’re changing from a task-based system to an idle system, which means you can leave your toons and forget. They’ll keep on gathering rewards without the need of refreshing their task – just a single tap to collect all rewards once they reach the cap.
  • More Slots: You’ll be able to set 6 Toons up instead of the current 5 toons.
  • More Rewards: We’ve seriously bumped up the payout, offering up to 2 or 3 times the rewards.
  • No need to choose: You won’t have to select a specific reward for each task, as your toon will generate character pieces and relevant Tune Up materials all simultaneously.
  • Yes, Legendary Pieces as well: You’ll FINALLY be able to farm pieces for your Legendary Toons!

We’re still working on how it will all look and feel, so keep an eye out for more updates in the future!

Economy Update 2: Toon Piece Sourcing

We’ve also released our next Economy Update Blog, this time focusing on toon sourcing! Check the Economy post for more info on:

  • Store Updates
  • Campaign Updates
  • Toon Sourcing by Game Feature

Economy Update 3: Tune Up Materials

Starting next year, we’ll also be working on our third Economy Update, focusing on Tune Up Materials.

More details will be available in the future, but as a first step to help address the Tune Up economy, Daily Challenges will have 3 extra difficulty levels, to allow for an extra layer of challenge with increased rewards. Stay tuned for our post on Economy Update 3 for more details on future changes.

New Teams and Confirmed Toons

In January will be closing a lot of teams, as we’ll be releasing the final team member for the Cyber, Wrestlers, Circus, and Samurai teams, and here’s the list of new Teams and confirmed toons headed your way next year! 

Below you can find the month on which the first toon will become available, so you can expect the rest to follow soon. Please note some of these toon’s names are also work in progress and could change upon release.


Heartthrob Team:

  • Playboy Penguin
  • Tuxedo Bugs
  • Cupid Elmer (Moving from Hunter team)
  • Gentleman Pepe (Moving from Holiday team)

Prehistoric Team

  • Roadius Runnerus
  • Tweetyosaurus Rex
  • Neanderthal Bugs
  • Casper Caveman


Victory Team

  • Commando Daffy
  • GI Bugs (Not final name)
  • Medic Sam (Not final name)
  • Wartime Elmer (Not final name)