This week’s patch notes brings a few changes to Don Henery, as he takes his place as the new Capo of the Gangster team, along with a few quality of life changes and bugfixes.

Toon Kits

Gangster Team

Don Henery

  • Moved to the new Gangster theme!
  • Bada-Boom now deals uncounterable damage if it is used in Arena matches
    • Call all allies to Assist against target enemy for 120% damage. While in Arena, these attacks are uncounterable.
  • New Legendary skill Cold Served Dish!
    • Whenever an enemy Flips, grant all Gangster team members 3 Random Stat Up and +10% Turn Meter. The first time a Gangster team member falls below 50% health, use Tommy Gun against the attacking enemy.
  • New Gangster friendship relationship.
  • Added Gangsters to the Desert island for War 5

Game Improvements

  • Updated HP bars during battle to show exact Hit Points on all toons
  • Increased slots for saved teams to 35 for level 79 players
  • Adjusted inbox Alliance recommendations to advertise more active alliances
  • Santa Chungus graces our loading screens

Bugfixes and other changes

  • Fixed Michigan J. Frog’s Whiptongue and Frog in Your Throat inflicting Defense Down instead of Recovery Down.
  • Resolved lag issues when loading in and out of battles. Stutter be gone
  • Fixed multiple issues causing the Turn Order viewer to be out of sync with the real battle
  • “Recommended” label no longer hides region information on the team select screen