With our new Battle Pass, get ready to give your Shooters team a tactical boost as Coach Daffy takes charge of the team!

Until we’re able to clone Lebron James, you’ll finally be able to line-up both Shooter and Dunker teams at the same time, as Coach Daffy can complete the Shooter team.

Apart from giving you a new team to include in your strategy, swapping him in will grant you complete control over the game. His passive skill Tip Off grants a random shooter team the ball from the start of the match, which will immediately open up a whole lot of options for your shooters and give them a definite advantage.

What if you’re facing another Tune Squad team? Daffy’s playbook has you covered! His 3 Point Man skill takes the ball while also slamming the opposing team with AoE damage and buffing your team with Attack and Crit Damage Up.

Shooter Team Line-up Tips

If you still want to include Lebron James in your shooter team, with the addition of Coach Daffy, you’ll have a couple of options at your disposal, although he’s more likely to shine on offense, to maximize the benefit of starting the match with control of the ball.

Standard Setup: Lebron James, Shooter Taz, Shooter Coyote, Coach Daffy

The most common change would be to switch Shooter Roadrunner for Coach Daffy. It’s a direct attacker role substitution, and you won’t lose out on Roadrunner’s Taunt Removal, as Coach Daffy also removes Taunt with his basic attack. 

You might lose a bit of raw damage, but you’ll gain a lot more utility in return, as the Shooter team can be a bit slow to gain control of the ball sometimes.

Full Offense:  Lebron James, Shooter Roadrunner, Shooter Coyote, Coach Daffy

Another option would be to switch out your you Shooter Taz. Switching a defender for an attacker might seem a bit reckless, but Shooter Roadrunner’s passive skill Relentless Defense can help you rely on Lebron James as your tank (which given that he can gain Sure Counter isn’t a bad idea).

With Shooter Roadrunner and Coach Daffy the opposing team will have a hard time taunting, and you’ll have a lot more damage at your disposal to outscore the opposing team. You’ll also have 2 skills that can Take the Ball, making this an interesting option against other Tune Squad Teams.

Coach Daffy Toon Card