This week brings new reworks for Show Biz Daffy and Show Biz Bugs, along with brand new set of buffs that will affect healing: Heal Up / Down, Recovery Up / Down.

Toon Kits

Show Biz Bugs

  • Moved to the new Show Biz theme!
  • Opening Act damage scaling was reviewed
    • Deal 100% damage to the target enemy, granting this toon and the ally with the lowest health Heal Over Time.
  • Spotlight damage scaling was reviewed
    • Deal 135% damage and inflict 5 Stat Downs to the target enemy for 2 turns.
  • Duet’s Heal Over Time buffs duration was reviewed and also grants Heal Over Time to Show Biz team members at the start of their turn.
    • At the start of this toon’s turn, grant all Show Biz team members 2 Heal Over Time. Whenever an ally falls below 50% Health, grant them Heal Over Time for the rest of Battle.
  • Used to the Lights now grants Heal Over Time, removes debuffs and, if the toon is a Show Biz ally, heals.
    • Whenever an ally gains Taunt, grant them 2 Heal Over Time for 2 turns and remove all Debuffs from them. If that ally is a Show Biz toon, heal them for 20% of their Max Health as well.
  • New Friendship skill with Show Biz toons

Show Biz Daffy

  • Moved to the new Show Biz theme!
  • Show Off now deals extra damage for each Show Biz ally
    • Deal 110% damage to target enemy with +10% Attack for each Show Biz ally.
  • Fowlbulous now also removes non-Taunt buffs from the target enemy
    • Deal 135% damage to target enemy, removing 4 non-Taunt Buffs and Stunning them.
  • Stage Envy now applies Recovery Down to enemies
    • This toon has +40% Dodge Chance. If this toon Dodges, inflict the attacking enemy with 3 Recovery Down.
  • When a team member attacks a stunned enemy, Overacting now grants Random Stat Ups and inflicts Recovery Down.
    • Whenever a team member attacks a Stunned enemy, grant that team member 3 Random Stat Up for 2 turns and inflict the enemy with 2 Recovery Down for 2 turns.
  • New Friendship skill with Show Biz toons

New Mechanic: Healing and Recovery

Healing and Recovery are new buffs and debuffs that can be applied to any toon, just like any other status effect. They both affect how much you can heal, but each one has its own particularity:

Healing Up or Healing Down affects outgoing heals from a toon, increasing or decreasing the final heal value on themselves or team members.

Recovery Up or Recovery Down affects incoming heals on a toon, increasing or decreasing the final received heal value, either from themselves or from team members.

Each stack of those buffs grant +10% of that stat, while each stack of those debuffs inflict -10%. 

These new buffs can not only be very powerful on your team, boosting the amount of health you get from healing skills, but also very strong against your enemies, reducing their healing potential!

A few extra notes:

  • Both are included in the Special Stat Up / Down pools;
  • Recovery also affects healing from Heal over Time;
  • Lifesteal is unaffected by Recovery or Healing.

Bugfixes and other changes

  • Fixed The Pig Kahuna’s scoundrel friendship not being displayed in the Team Selection screen