We’re finally ready to lift the curtains on the new Show Biz Team!

Celebrating Michigan J Frog’s first appearance on the World of Mayhem stage, the new Show Biz team will also be introducing a new debuff: Recovery Down.

Recovery Down reduces by 10% the amount of incoming healing a toon can receive, so stacking 10 Recovery Downs will completely nullify all incoming heals on a toon.

Their show is also an absolute stunner, as Michigan J Frog’s Legendary Skill will reduce Stun resist by 100% on enemy toons. With a number of stuns also included in their act, this will ensure the enemy team stays absolutely enthralled with the show. Any stunned toon will also be granting bonuses to Show Biz toons upon attack, like extra Turn Meter, gaining Stat Ups, and stacking Recovery Down.

Michigan J Frog also brings a unique mechanic to play with his “Stage Fright” skill, which allows him to switch between the Croaker and Crooner stances. Each stance will affect how his basic attack “Heart’s on Fire” and “Born Entertainer” skill play out, with Croaker offering more defensive bonuses and Crooner adding more damaging moves.

Show Biz Bugs and Daffy have also been reworked, turning Bugs into a Heal Over Time machine for the team, and Daffy will add bonuses to attacking Stunned enemies while gaining extra utility by further stacking Recovery Downs and removing Buffs from the enemy.

The final cast member, Corny Conductor Elmer, will be featured in a Battle Pass at the start of January, and will help control the tempo of the entire show. His passive will automatically stack Attack Up and Speed Up each time a Show Biz team member damages an enemy, removing Turn Meter from your enemies and further stacking Recovery Downs on an already heal-starved enemy team.

Michigan J Frog