The Samurai Team is finally arriving, so it’s time for Samurai Sheepdog to shine his katana, as he dons the new Samurai Team leader role, with a new Legendary Skill and an update to Watchful Meditation.

Toon Kits

Samurai Sheepdog

  • Moved to the new Samurai theme!
  • New Legendary skill Last Stand!
    • The first Time a Samurai team member falls below 50% Max Health they gain Parry, reducing the damage of the next attack against them by 90%. While this toon remains in battle, Samurai team members gain +25% damage while below 50% Max Health.
  • Watchful Meditation now also grants hidden to the enemy with the highest attack at the start of battle
    • Whenever one or more enemies gain Hidden, use Busheepdo and grant all allies 5 Defense Up. At the start of battle, grant the enemy with the highest Attack Hidden.
  • New Samurai friendship relationship

Bugfixes and other changes

  • Added a 300% cap to base stats, which limits the total Attack, Defense and Speed granted through battle buffs, like Attack Up.
    • Don’t worry! To reach this cap, you’d need to accumulate 20 of the same buff!

Edit: The above has been updated as it previously stated it was a 300% cap to the bonus and not the stats themselves.