Building on the work of our last Economy Update, we’re ready to deploy part 2 of our plan and this time we’ll be focusing on how and where players gain pieces for their Toons.

As we mentioned in our previous update, the main focus for our changes moving forward is for each game mode and area of the game to have a clearer purpose, and for you to be able to focus on getting what you need when you want it, without having to depend so much on the availability of specific challenges or events, while also updating the various stores and rewards to feel more in touch with how the game has evolved through the years. 

More specific to the current update, we want to make sure that each feature will offer the chance to farm specific teams, independently of what events are currently live, and offer more access to classic and older toons.

Teams by Feature

The most noticeable change is that each feature of the game (like arenas, brawls, towers, etc) will offer a chance to farm for toons from specific teams. This includes any Common, Rare, and Epic member of that team, including the feeder teams needed to unlock Legendary members from their respective Path To Legendary events.

To give you a better understanding of the overall picture, we’ve prepared this handy cheat card for the headliner teams available per feature.

How will this work? Read on to find out!

Store Updates

Our first step will be a complete revamp of our respective feature Stores to make sure they offer more relevant Toons.

Each store will be updated following the chart above, allowing you to focus on those teams to finally complete them. And don’t worry if you think some are missing, we’ll also be including additional Toons that don’t fit into the tags above in our store.

Some of the more recent toons, such as Crusher, Horror, Circus, Cyber, Wrestler and Show Biz teams, will still be limited to events for the time being, but they’ll eventually trickle down into stores, so we’ll make sure to keep this list updated in future Roadmap posts.

We’ll be kicking off the revamp with the Arena, Tower and Alliance R&D Stores on December 13th!

In addition to refreshing the selection of toons for each store, we are also increasing the amount of character pieces you can earn per day, doubling the purchase limit.

Stores will now have a rotation to support the larger selection, but you will also be able to make progress on any toon every day, using the FIND flow.

On days when your favorite toon is on rotation, you’ll be able to make double the progress by purchasing toon pieces from both the store and the FIND flow

For Arena and Tower stores, you can use the same Golden Idol and Portal currencies you have been accumulating. Earn Superior Vials from Alliance R&D to purchase toons from the R&D Store.

Campaign Overhaul

Marvin’s Invasion will be getting a serious revamp, as we overhaul the toon rewards to fit our new system.

We also want to make this a viable source for newer players to really start building up their first teams, and we’ll also be including a large amount of OG toons for you to farm and complete your collections.

Look out for Marvin’s Invasion overhaul in the upcoming weeks.

The Campaign will see further work in our next Economy Update, as we’ll also be looking to make them a continuous source for Regional Materials, so stay tuned for when we release Economy Update 3!

We hope these updates will give you a clearer path to earn and complete teams at your own pace, while also making some classic fan favorites a bit more available. We’d also like to thank the Community for their continuous feedback and support and we look forward to sharing more news soon!