Every now and then, special events will appear in World of Mayhem, featuring awesome toons and rewards for all participants. Their concrete dynamics differ from event to event, although there are some elements that are common to all.

In this guide, we quickly cover some of these basic aspects for you.

Event Basics


When special event time-limited quests are up, you’ll find them inside the Event Quests window. For the duration of the event, you can complete these quests to earn different rewards and event leaderboard points.

They are all about performing certain actions in World of Mayhem: collecting toon pieces and materials, fighting and stealing crates in Brawl, etc. 

Time limited quests
Time-limited Quests


These special event campaigns will be accessible from the main menu. They work the same way as the general ones, with their own set of energy requirements, enemy squads, and rewards. Typically, these event campaigns require specific sets of toons as well.

Event Campaigns
Event Campaigns


Special event leaderboards will appear next to the normal brawl leaderboards. For the duration of these, you’ll score leaderboard points by completing certain actions: finishing off time-limited quests, collecting toons and materials, etc. You can check these requirements by tapping on the information button of each leaderboard. 

The more points you score, the better the rewards! By the end of the event, you’ll receive all your prizes via an inbox message. Don’t forget to claim those!

Event _Leaderboards
Event Leaderboards

PRO TIP: Leaderboard requirements change from event to event so make sure to check all details after each event starts!


Some events in World of Mayhem come with a crate injection event. This means that we’ll inject extra event crates into the crate pool. Typically, these crates will contain extra toon pieces and they will drop during specific hours. Sometimes, they will also come in different tiers – the higher your Trophy count, the better the rewards!


Last but not least, some events will rotate around a set of featured toons, which will be required in order to play the campaign and/or score more points overall. These featured toons are clearly mentioned in all our event rules before the event starts so pay special attention to those! 


And that will be all for our quick event recap. Don’t forget to check your inbox by the beginning of each event, as you will find all the key info – alternatively, you can check our blog on a regular basis, as all new event announcements will go there. 


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