Welcome to the Acme R&D, bub!

Never mind those weird sounds behind the door… All experiments conducted here are safe – well, almost all of them! But, you know, sometimes things go awry and this is where all Maestros of Mayhem come in handy. 

Check this quick guide to get the lowdown on this cool PvE mode.

Ok, so what’s this?

The ACME R&D lab is a puzzle-like PvE mode full of loony encounters. Whenever a new experiment is available, you will face a different set of rules and you will have to use your toon collections in unconventional, creative ways to overcome each challenge and collect your rewards.

A boss battle inside Acme R&D

These battles might feature anything — from a single, oversized boss with a nasty temper, to thematic squads of enemies. Regardless, the rules are simple: find the enemy’s weakness and the right toons to exploit it, or leave the lab with nothing.

Check out this quick lowdown on YouTube to see the Acme R&D in action:

The Basics

You’ll see that each challenge is divided into four modes of increasing difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Insane. Players can advance through the levels by beating the previous one with 3 stars.

Different modes of difficulty

Beneath each mode, you’ll see information on battle restrictions. This means that, for some stages, your toons will be capped at specific levels, rank-ups, and tune-ups, regardless of their power levels outside ACME R&D.

Each battle’s information panel contains everything you need to know for that particular stage. Let’s break it down!

In Battle Rules, you’ll find the ruleset that applies to each battle. These might include actions that trigger when a condition is met, extra skills that your toons gain in addition to their normal kits, and/or extra info on particularly tough opponents. 

Battle rules

You can always check these Battle Rules before the fight, but also from inside the battle by tapping on the ACME robot monitor.

In Rewards, you’ll see all the goodies you can get from each star tier. Win battles with 3 stars to collect all three! 

Last but not least, the Recommended Toons tab will show you which toons in the World of Mayhem are the best fit to overcome the given challenge.

Recommended Toons Window

PRO TIP: You can replay each battle at no cost until you complete it with 3 stars – so don’t hesitate to try out different toon combinations for each challenge until you beat it!

Acme Formulas

Beating each battle will give you Acme vials, which you can exchange in the R&D Store for Acme Formulas. These Formulas come in four rarities (Beta, Alpha, Omega, Legendary) and are used to upgrade your toons from tune-up 25 to 30. 

Acme Formulas

PRO TIP: The R&D store is only available while the Acme R&D lab is up. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to check in advance which of your toons will be requiring Acme formulas in the near future – chase those in the store and get your toons to higher tune-ups!


And that will be all for this quick guide on the craziest lab of all!

Get ready to bring your best toons to the Acme lab and let those experiments begin!

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