Congrats on unlocking Arena & Boosts, doc!

Welcome to these ancient battlegrounds set in the Tasmanian outback. The flames of the Arena are burning and it’s time for some intense PvP action! Do you dare to step in?

Check this quick guide to get the lowdown on this cool mode. Off we go!

Arena Basics

Arena is a PvP mode that allows 4 players to compete against each other in high stakes, round-robin competition. The goal is to attack each player’s defensive team and obtain as many points as possible. In the end, the player with the most points in the Arena will win!

Check out this quick lowdown on YouTube to see the Arena in action:

Over time, you’ll see multiple Arenas, each with different battle mechanics and rules. All Arenas feature epic, exclusive rewards in the form of Tasmanian toon pieces and valuable Gold.

Arena Rewards

On top of that, each Arena victory will grant points towards Arena Seasons: a major tournament that will crown the best World of Mayhem players across the globe! Place high enough in upcoming Arena Seasons to unlock the first-ever legendary Toons in the game – leading up to a very famous Tasmanian Devil… (Keep on reading below for more info!).

Arena Core Loop

In the Arena, you start off by assigning your defense. You will be attacking other players’ defensive squads and they’ll be attacking yours, so make sure you assign a strong one! Also, toons used for defense cannot be used for attack! 

Pro Tip: pick a solid squad that takes advantage of the Arena’s battle mechanics to maximize their strength.

Defender Party
Placing your defensive team

With your defensive squad assigned, the game will start searching for additional players to fill the Arena. Once all players are in, you are ready to battle!

Arena Leaderboard

Arena points are won during battle by performing specific actions according to the Arena’s scoring rules. For example, you’ll get points for dealing damage, surviving with X toons or for defeating enemy toons.

Arena’s scoring rules

Arena Seasons

Now, the awesome thing about Arena is that it will never get old! Along with exclusive, amazing rewards, each Arena Season will introduce new battle mechanics and will spotlight different toons. Master the strategy that takes advantage of these battle mechanics and use top-level tactics during battle to reach the top! 

While Arena Seasons will typically last for 3 weeks, there’ll always be other Arenas for you to participate in so get those toons ready to battle and let the looney games begin!

Different Arenas

Arena Currencies

Skull Key  → You’ll need these ancient and haunted keys to enter basic Arenas. You can find them by completing your Daily Goals, opening your Daily Star Crate and in  toon store offers.
Superior Skull Key  → These golden Skull Keys grant you access to Expert Arenas – with the most exciting rewards and toughest competitors. Win basic Arenas to earn Superior Skull Keys or find them in the toon store.
Golden Idol  → This ancient Tasmanian currency is accepted in the Arena Store – a new section in the toon store with exclusive offers that help you strengthen your Tasmanian toons and more!
Mask → Collect Masks to score points in Arena Seasons. Win Arenas to collect them!


Boosts allow you to boost all stat types of your toons (Attack, Defense, Health Points, and Speed) for whole regions. Activated boosts benefit every toon in that region and apply across all game modes.

The Boosts main menu

You can Boost Up every stat 10 times, each time reaching even bigger boosts for all your toons in that particular region, starting at 2% and going all the way up 30%. Boosts are permanent, so once you unlock a new level, you’ll enjoy that boost without end.

Boosting up Attack

The drill is simple: collect Boost Cubes from Arena battles to power up all major stat types for whole regions. You will also be able to collect Boost Cubes by completing your Daily Goals and Arena Tournament Milestones. 

Also worth noting, the stat information pannel on your toons’ profile will reflect the boosts you’ve applied to them.

Updated toon profile with Speed boosts


And that will be all for this quick walkthrough on our Arena and Boosts features, bub!  

Have fun!

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