Everything in this looney world is better when shared! 

In Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem, alliances are social hubs that allow you to meet other maestros of Mayhem and collaborate together during Alliance events.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about them. Off we go!

Alliance Basics

Once you unlock alliances, head to the alliance hub in order to search or create an alliance.

  • Creating an alliance → Creating your own one is super easy! Tap on “Create” and start customizing it with the following options:
    • Name: the looney world will know you and your alliance mates by this name
    • Description: this is a small line that will appear underneath your alliance name – add a little bit of flavor here!
    • Banner: choose the banner and colors for your alliance 
    • Invite Policy: here you’ll choose whether your alliance is “Open to Join”, or “Invite Only”. Open means every player can join while Invite Only means that players will need to send a request to the high ranks of the Alliance to get in.
    • Min. player level: you can select the minimum player level required to join
    • Min. trophy count: you can select the minimum trophy count required to join
Creating an Alliance
  • Searching for an alliance → In order to find an alliance, tap on “Recommended” so you see an assortment of alliances for you to join. If you know the name of the alliance you wish to be part of, simply type its name on the “Search” tab.

Alliance Management

Managing an Alliance is super easy thanks to these amazing features:


There are four different roles inside an alliance: Leaders, Co-Leaders, Officers and Members, with various degrees of power. Players in high ranks inside the Alliance will be able to perform different actions, like promoting/demoting, editing the Alliance details, and so on.

Alliance roles


Inside each Alliance, you’ll be able to see whether your Alliance mates are online or offline, as well as when they were last active. 


At first glance, you’ll be able to sort members according to Trophy counts, player level, roles, most recent activity, and star/event contribution. 


With this button, we are making it easier for you to share your Alliance details with other Maestros of Mayhem you know in real life. 


Last but not least, you can edit all your Alliance details at any time. Its name, description, toon banner, trophy requirements, invite policy… Provided that you have the rank for doing so, of course!

Alliance Events

Every now and then, an alliance event will pop up in World of Mayhem, prompting you and your Alliance to fight together to earn amazing rewards. There are different types of alliance events: 

Alliance Events
  • Alliance crate events → These events happen twice per week. While they are on, all stars earned in Brawl will start filling an alliance crate meter. The more stars the alliance gathers, the better the rewards by the end of the event. 
  • Alliance Tournaments → Every now and then we will launch different alliance tournaments where all alliance members can complete to win the ultimate prize. Each event will have unique rules so stay tuned and participate when they come around!

Alliance Recruitment

Feel free to use these resources when searching or recruiting for an alliance:

  • On Discord, in our dedicated recruitment rooms (#looking-for-players and #looking-for-alliances)

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