Congrats on unlocking those daily challenges, folks!

Please find everything you need to know about them in this quick guide.

Off we go!

The Basics

Each day will bring new daily challenges to the game, which in turn will grant you different resources after completion: from Gold and XP potions to boosters, and other tune-up materials.

There’s a limit of daily challenges you can complete per day. You can always check what future challenges are coming and on which day, inside the daily challenges main menu.

Daily Challenges
Daily Challenges Window

The Schedule

Here you’ll find the weekly schedule for our daily challenges.

  • Mondays 
    • Workshop (Anvils)
  • Tuesdays 
    • Quarry (Dynamite)
  • Wednesdays 
    • Alchemy Lab (XP potions)
    • Hangar (Archetype Boosters)
  • Thursdays 
    • Gold Mine! (Gold)
    • Docks (Regional Materials)
  • Fridays 
    • Workshop (Anvils)
    • Alchemy Lab (XP Potions)
  • Saturdays 
    • Quarry (Dynamite)
    • Alchemy Lab (XP Potions)
  • Sundays
    • Workshop (Anvils)
    • Alchemy Lab (XP Potions)
    • Quarry (Dynamite)
    • Hangar (Archetype Boosters)

Tips & Tricks


These daily challenges give you a lot of resources for free – and they do count for your daily goals! So make sure you don’t miss a day!


Before engaging in your daily challenges, do a quick check of what materials you actually need the most that day.  


Daily challenges work similarly to Campaign battles in that you can auto-win them with 3 stars. Also, the more battles you clear, the better the rewards you’ll get. Don’t hesitate to invest more in your top toon teams to go for that extra act!

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