Welcome to Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem, bub!

This world is a funny place but there’s a lot to take in at first. In this beginners’ guide, we go through some basic concepts you need to master in order to become a true Maestro of Mayhem. 

Off we go!


Toons are the heart and beat of World of Mayhem. As soon as you unlock a new toon, you’ll be able to start using them in battles. Let’s have a look at some basic info:

1. Name & Power → Underneath your toon’s name you’ll find their current power level. The more you upgrade your toons and unlock new skills, the stronger they will become and the higher this number will be.

Tapping on the information icon will flip the toon card and grant you more visibility on their power levels, as well as attack, defense, health and speed stats.

2. Role & Region → There are three different toon roles in World of Mayhem: attackers, defenders and supporting toons. Generally, attackers are toons that specialize in damage dealing while defenders rely on their strength and high health points to protect their allies. Supporting toons, on the other hand, focus on healing and giving different advantages to their teams.

Also, each toon belongs to a world region. This means you’ll find them roaming around in that particular region at all times.

3. Rarities & Tags → Toons come in four different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary The bigger the rarity, the bigger their overall power and exclusivity. Each toon also has different toon tags, which influence what relationships these toons have with one another in the game.

You can check all toon tags inside the game OVER HERE.

4. Relationships → Each toon has different relationships with other toons or specific toon tags, which will grant them nifty bonuses during battle. You’ll get more information about each of them by tapping on their icons.

5. Level → You can upgrade your toon levels with the use of XP potions. Each new level will bring more powerful stats, making your toon stronger all around.

Please note that the max level your toons can reach will be capped by your player level (except at the beginning, where all toons can reach level 10, regardless of your player level). 

6. Rank → All toons can be ranked up to 7 stars and doing so will increase their overall power in battle. In order to rank up a toon, you will need to collect the necessary toon pieces and pay some gold.

7. Skills → Each toon comes with their own assortment of active and passive skills that make them unique in battle. Each skill can be unlocked and improved with tune-ups and you can always get more information about each by tapping on their skill icons.

8. Tune Ups → When you have gathered up the right materials you can Tune-Up a toon. Tuning-Up a toon unlocks large boosts to stats or sometimes entire skills that the toon didn’t previously have access to!

PRO TIP: Once you get a new toon, spend some time getting familiar with their stats, relationships, and skills.

Building your looney world

The World section comprises different regions that get unlocked as you progress through the game. Currently, there are 10 exciting regions to discover:

  • Forest – Unlocked from the very beginning
  • Town – Unlocked after receiving your first Town toon
  • Farm – Unlocked after receiving your first Farm toon
  • Desert – Unlocked after receiving your first Desert toon
  • City – Unlocked after receiving your first City toon
  • Space – Unlocked after receiving your first Space toon
  • Summit – Unlocked after receiving your first Summit toon
  • Avalooney – Unlocked after receiving your first Avalooney toon
  • WB Studios – Unlocked after receiving your first WB Studios toon
  • Tasmania – Unlocked after receiving your first Tasmanian toon

As you get new toons for your collection, you’ll be able to construct different buildings for them, which will allow you to send your toons to complete different tasks. Each building can be upgraded to level 10 and each new level upgrade will require different amounts of gold and building materials.

The Avalooney Region

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to check the World view each time you unlock a new toon!

Once you have a building for your toons, you’ll be able to send them on tasks. Each toon can perform up to three different tasks with different timers and rewards:

  • Short tasks last for 20 minutes and grant gold plus dynamite 
  • Medium tasks last for 2 hours and grant gold plus anvils
  • Long tasks last for 6 hours and grant gold plus toon pieces
Toon tasks

It’s always a good idea to keep your toons busy at all times. You’ll start with 3 toon tasks in the beginning and increase to 5 tasks as you progress through the game. 

Goals & Quests

Daily goals and quests can be accessed from the main menu (tap on that list icon on the lower right screen) and allow you to claim sweet rewards after completing certain daily tasks or simply by advancing through the game. Let’s have a closer look at each of them:

  • Daily Goals → These daily goals comprise smaller actions for you to perform on a daily basis, such as leveling up a toon or sending them on tasks. Complete all daily goals to receive even more goodies! Please note that daily goals refresh every day.
  • Quests → These are longer goals to achieve as you advance through the game. Each quest grants XP, gems, toon pieces for Epic Daffy Hood, and more.
  • Event Quests → Whenever an event is active, you will also see the possibility of completing time-limited quests to obtain even more rewards.
Daily Goals, Quests and Event Quests

Tickets & Wheels 

Tickets are used to spin our prize wheels: 

  • Daily tickets let you spin the daily wheel and can be found inside Star Crates and as rewards during events. 
  • Golden tickets allow you to spin the following special wheels: Mega Wheel, Premium Wheel as well as time-limited Event Wheels. You can earn golden tickets inside Campaign and also during events. Alternatively, you can purchase them from the Toon Store.
Daily, Premium and Mega Wheels

Wheels, on the other hand, are an awesome way of obtaining more toon pieces for your collection. You can always check what’s inside the wheel by tapping on the information icon below each wheel. 

Illudium & Reatomizers

Illudium is the material needed to energize Reatomizers inside the game, which in turn will grant you different toon pieces.

You can find these reatomizers inside the Toon Store and can check what’s inside each reatomizer by tapping on the information icon above them.


PRO TIP: Take your time to browse through the different options available, as each Reatomizer is different and will have different Illudium costs.

Brawl (PvP)

In World of Mayhem you can test your mettle against other players in Brawl mode. Winning competitive battles will allow you to steal crates from other players and also earn trophies.

Once in Brawl, you’ll be able to browse through the list of possible opponents with their defender teams. Choose one to attack, place your attacking team and off you go! Please note that you can only steal crates if you complete a battle with 3 stars – which means, none of your toons can perish during battle!

Brawl Mode (PvP)

After each battle, and depending on your performance, you’ll lose or win trophies. Your trophy count will determine in which Brawl League you are. You can always check your position in the Brawl Leaderboards by tapping on the Leaderboard icon on the top of the main menu.

Brawl Leaderboards

Climbing Leagues is a good idea since you’ll get better daily league rewards over time. Among other things, your daily league rewards will credit you with Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals (depending on your Player Level), so you can get toon pieces and materials for free from the League Store inside the Toon Store.

PRO TIP 1: Don’t forget to log in daily to claim your daily League rewards! You can find these inside your inbox. The higher you go in the Leagues, the better the rewards!

Banks & Crates

Once you steal a crate from a player in Brawl, this crate will appear in your crate bank. You can then decide to discard it or to keep it. If you discard it, the crate will go back to its owner. And if you keep it, you will need to choose a defending team from your own collection of toons and assign them to the crate. 

All players start off with the Forest bank available. As you progress through the game and unlock more regions inside the looney world, you will unlock three more banks: Town (level 10), Farm (level 15) and Desert (level 25). 

Crate Banks

Inside the bank section, you’ll also find your defender rewards, a log of all battles that have been launched against you. Don’t forget to check this log every now and then as each battle will grant different rewards for you.

There’re different types of crates in World of Mayhem. You can always tap on the information icon above them to check what rewards they may contain. Each crate comes with its own timer so you’ll need it to go to zero in order to open it. Alternatively, you can speed up this process with gems. 

Our list of crates includes:

  • Archetype booster crates → These crates contain different amounts of gold plus archetype boosters (Attacker, Defender and Support), which are needed to tune up your toons. 
  • Free crates → These crates are given for free every 3 hours and contain different rewards.
  • XP potion crates → These crates contain different types of XP Potions and gold, which are needed to level up your toons.
  • Regional crates → These crates contain all the regional materials needed to tune up your toons. For instance, a Farm Crate will contain materials for the Farm region.
  • Dynamite crates → These crates contain Dynamite in different rarities.
  • Alliance crates (unlocked at player level 7) → When an Alliance event is active, all stars earned in Brawl will start filling a crate meter. The more stars the Alliance gathers, the better the crate rewards will be by the end of that event.
  • Special toon crates (unlocked with special events) → These crates contain gold and toon pieces that you need to rank up your toons. 

Campaign (PvE)

Inside the Campaign mode, you fight Marvin and his clones in different chapters. There are different acts per chapter and all of them grant you nifty resources after completion: from gold, to XP, Illudium, Golden tickets, regional materials and more. 

If you complete a given battle with 3 stars, you’ll unlock the Auto-Win functionality, which will allow you to auto-win stages quicker. This really comes in handy when collecting resources.

Auto-Win Feature
Auto-Win Feature

Each battle has different energy requirements, ranging from 5 to 20 energy. This energy regenerates by itself over time but you can always get more inside Star Crates, Free Crates, and also by completing all your Daily Goals or hitting a new Player Level up. Alternatively, you can also buy more with gems.

PRO TIP: Star Crates and Free crates contain a lot of extra Energy per day! Don’t forget to claim those so you can go back to Campaign and collect more rewards!


And that will be all for this quick beginners’ guide, bub! Your journey just started but we are sure you’ll get the hang of everything in no time. 

Have fun!

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