Looking to maximize your teams or just discovering what cool teams can you create with your top toons? Look no further! In these series, we share some community top teams – kickass teams made for the players, by the players.

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Submitted by Featheredcello88

The synergy between Bugs, Daffy, and Porky is insane, they work really well together. Porky Pig gives attack ups which lead Daffy to get more critical hits, and Gossamer to completely nuke the enemy team. Also, Porky’s friendship gives Bugs Bunny 10% more Attack, Defense and Speed.

As an attacker, Bugs Bunny is already great and sometimes and can take on enemy teams by himself. Gossamer is an insane Tank who gains attack ups and critical chance ups every time the rest of the team gets any debuffs. Sometimes he’s able to gain enough to one-shot an enemy toon with a critical hit, which gives more attack ups to Daffy.

Submitted by Penelope

It’s a good team for stacking up tons of counter. This team works well because you’re just constantly stacking up counters to the point where you’re basically guaranteed to hit your enemy toons every single time they attack you! How does this team works, you ask?

Well, Outlaw Foghorn is there to grant everyone counter chance up, Outback Dawg is there to give everyone even more counter. Grand Duke Sylvester is added because he pretty much has a bunch of counters when he’s on the battlefield. As for Sheriff Porky, sure he has a passive that grants everyone counter, but he’s mainly there to be a healer because having a healer is very important for any team!

Point is that the team doesn’t sound that dangerous, but when you put those toons together, they are granting counter for pretty much everyone.

February_Twilight Sparkle

Submitted by Twilight Sparkle

This team is great because it helps you defeat opponents with higher-level team power. Granny and Astronaut Sylvester work together fairly well because if any Heal Over Time is lost, Astronaut Sylvester or Leopold can steal it back.

Pepe Le Bard helps to heal the team when they need it most. Leopold has a friendship skill with artists – and Pepe Le Bard is one, so that works out too. This helps to make the team last long so that they can win against the opponent.

February_Bugs Funny

Submitted by Bugs Funny

This team rocks with double health coverage from Rocket Sylvester and Porky and enemy slowdown from Merlin Sam’s “Total Eclipse”. On the other hand, Merlin Sam and Witch Hazel bring the pain with incredibly strong basic attacks and Hazel’s health drain.

Submitted by Yosemite Cain

Counter striking heals, stunning opponents, denying dodge, constant taunts to help other toons survive – this team has all of that in spades. Built around my favorite toon, Officer Yosemite, this team will frustrate your opponent and help you achieve victory in no time. Everyone may prefer the traditional support toons that just heal, but I go for a synergy that makes Officer Yosemite a toon to be wary of – getting the most out of Yosemite is the key.

Police Dog Hector will be the first toon added to this team. When both are allies they each get the benefit of having +10% attack, speed and defense while the other is on the battlefield. Police Dog Hector’s “Neighborhood Watch” and Office Yosemite’s “Determination” is like peanut butter and jelly, adding in Grand Duke Sylvester makes “Determination” even more dangerous because counter heals are what makes this team go and Hector and the Duke have those in spades. The Duke is also great by hitting toons with deny dodge and damaging hidden toons with bonus damage. Last but not least, we have Contender Sylvester who benefits from Yosemite’s Defense up buff and his own self heals.

I hope everyone has fun using this team. In case you don’t have Grand Duke or Contender Sylvester, some great substitutes include Joe Monday and Sheriff Porky. A few other toons I would love to unlock and try with this team are Outback Dawg and Prizefighter Daffy.

Thanks for sending your teams, guys!