Daffy has been running amuck in the World of Mayhem Daffy and what started as playful pranking has escalated to a 4th wall tear.

New Boss: Animator’s Hand

Animator’s Hand recruits Duck Amuck and Rabbit Rampage and uses every trick up his sleeve to defeat you.

Its four health bars represent four phases – the boss and its minions get stronger with every phase, unlocking new abilities and reviving minions along the way.

Strategy Tips

Defeat the minions to remove the boss’s Damage immunity and damage it to the next phase.

Watch out! The Boss’s Undo skill instantly defeats one of your characters! Revive quickly, otherwise, its next attack will be extra powerful!

New Difficulty: Amuck

The Animator’s Hand is the toughest boss in the World of Mayhem. And if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a new, even harder difficulty than Looney. What comes after Looney? Amuck, of course.

Amuck adds more rewards but is Tuned Up to 48; this difficulty is really challenging. Don’t feel bad if you can’t clear it the first time around.

Animator’s Hand is the first boss with the Amuck difficulty.


Animator’s Hand joins Alliance R&D on Monday, May 8, and will return every 4 weeks.

Animator’s Hand is the 4th boss joining the Alliance R&D rotation. Progress on all Bosses will reset with the new schedule.

As the culmination of the World of Daffy takeover event, this first run will be special; Earn Legendary Duck Amuck Character Pieces by achieving Milestones with your Alliance and compete for bonus pieces from the Tournament Rank rewards.

Speaking of Tournaments…

New Alliance R&D Tournament: Versus

Historically, Alliances have been competing in Alliance R&D Bosses in Global Tournaments. Their goal has been to climb as high as possible, earning more Gold in the process, with only a handful of Alliances having the chance to fight for the top spots.

With the Animator’s Hand, we are launching a new type of tournament, one that matches its competitive nature, called Versus Tournament.

In a Versus Tournament:

  • Up to 3 Alliances can join a Tournament Shard
  • Which Shard your alliance will end up joining depends on your Alliance’s power and size. Every member’s roster potential counts
  • Versus Tournaments have higher rank rewards, so fight for that first place
  • The Animator’s Hand is the only Boss featuring a Versus Tournament (at least for now)

Developer’s Note:

“We are excited to bring new content to our players, in the form of an exciting new Boss! We hope you will enjoy playing against it as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Our goal was to create our most immersive experience yet, tell a story and deliver that rewarding sense of achievement often associated with Boss battles.

With the new tournament type, we wanted to give the opportunity to more alliances to fight for first place and see their Alliance’s name shine Gold on the game’s home screen. This is also the next step towards not penalizing Alliances that want to be smaller. Like Alliance Wars, it’s advantageous for your alliance to have 30 or 50 members.

That’s All, Folks!

We hope you enjoy this new challenge not only as the finale of the World of Daffy Takeover event, but for months to come. We are trying many new things here – a really challenging boss battle and a new tournament with matchmaking – so please share feedback with us on the official LT Discord community.