It’s a new mode! It replaces the World! Let’s take a look into how it works!!

Show Biz Walkthrough

Show Biz is an idle reward feature. Meaning, you can cast characters and let Show Biz generate royalty rewards for you over time. It’s quite simple:

Cast any unlocked character, including Legendary

Select your Cast by assigning up to 6 characters. Your Cast will step on to the stage to perform a show, which in turn will generate rewards automatically and over time. We call these royalty rewards.

  • Show Biz unlocks at Player Level 10 with 3 casting slots.
  • Additional slots unlock with Player Level, the 6th and final slot unlocks at level 50.
Rewards depend on the toons you cast. Assign Bugs Bunny to earn Bugs Bunny Character Pieces and Carrots – his unique material – among many other things (requires Tier 7+)

Rewards will start accumulating automatically.

  • Show Biz rewards Character Pieces, Gold and Tune Up Materials in the form of Anvil, Dynamite, Secret Stuff and Unique Materials for the characters you’ve assigned
  • You can collect royalty rewards every 3 minutes
  • The TV holds up to 8 hours worth of royalty rewards. Claim before the 8 hour mark to maximize your earnings

Collecting your rewards is super fast. Just tap to collect and move on.

Performing any collection action – leveling up, ranking up or unlocking new toons increases your Audience Ratings

Increase your rewards by increasing your overall Collection Power.

  • Higher Collection Power increases your Audience Rating Tier
  • At launch, there are 10 Tiers

Want additional Show Biz rewards? Hit the Bonus Rewards button to earn 2 hours worth of rewards instantly.

  • Every purchase increases the rewards by 2h – 2h, 4h,.. up to 8h, but the cost increases accordingly
  • Bonus Rewards reset every 24 hours

Tier requirements and Reward breakdown

To give you an example about what your toons can earn for you in Show Biz, here’s a table of rewards per Casting Slot and Audience Ratings Tier, every 8 hours:

TierCollection PowerCP MinCP MaxUnique MinUnique MaxSecret Stuff MinSecret Stuff MaxGold MinGold Max
Ex. Earn up to 6*30=180 Secret Stuff every 8 hours and so much more

When is it coming?

Show Biz is coming to a screen near you with update 37.0.0, rolling out the week of Monday April 4, 2022!

Since this is a huge change in the game – namely the removal of World – the rollout will be quite gradual as we verify tech stability metrics. As a result, a small group of randomly selected players will be receiving the new feature earlier than others.