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Folks of Mayhem,

A wave of changes will surf the World of Mayhem! In this article, you will find the structure and information for the 4th Season.

For this season, we thought of something different; here, you will find all the news!

Changes on the Events Format!

  • The first two events of Season 4 will be new event formats
    • They will not feature a mini crate event
    • Both events will use seasonal energy, as well as special energy usable only during the events
    • The events will provide a path for Star Tokens (Hitman) and Cosmic Coins (Spacerunner) to exchange for Cosmic Stars for the main toon
  • The Battle pass will be one month long
  • For the final two events of Season 4, we will be iterating on existing event formats with a lot of your feedback taken into consideration

Season 4 Format

The Format of Season 4 will remain similar to Season 3. On week 4 of the season, we will launch a Cosmic Stars event!

We will release the following new toons!

Hitman Crusher (Epic Defender; Assassin)

From the 22nd to the 29th of July.

Check the full article here!

From the 25th of July to the 21st of August.

Dark Matter (Legendary Support; Anti Hero)

Space Runner Canasta ( Epic Attacker; Assassin)

From the 29th of July to the 5th of August.

GI Elmer (Epic Defender; Victory)

Dates to be defined (WEB exclusive event.)

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Shinobi Tweety (Epic Support; Assassin)

From the 5th of August to the 12th of August.

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As you may have noticed, we will release a new theme:  Assassin!

The team’s composition will be the following:

  • Hitman Crusher (NEW)
  • Shinobi Tweety (NEW)
  • Space Runner Canasta (NEW)
  • Ninja Ralph (REWORK)

You can find more info about Assassin in this article!

Cosmic Stars

From the 12th of August to the 19th of August.

Battle Pass

This season, Battle Pass will start a bit later than usual, but it will last 4 weeks! The event will run from the 25th of July to the 21st of August.

Battle Pass: Dark Matter

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Be ready to enter this month-long Battle Pass featuring the Legendary toon Dark Matter, the last member of the Anti-Hero team!

Here you can find a dedicated article.

Featured Toons of Season 4

Hitman CrusherSpace Runner CanastaShinobi TweetyCosmic StarsPrivate Fudd (to be determined)
Ninja RalphHitman CrusherHighlander LeghornHitman Crusher
Lunar ToroNinja RalphWarrior Princess She-DevilSpace Runner Canasta
Tigress PenelopeMajor CanastaRoman Legion SamShinobi Tweety
Master SpeedyBushwhacker SamAngelus Maximus
Lunar PetuniaContraptionist EggheadChungus Claus
LeBron JamesOutback DawgHoliday Bugs Bunny
Dunker BugsVan WileReindeer Road Runner
Dunker LolaStar-Pharaoh MarvinElf Daffy Duck
Dunker TweetyK-9
Archon Elmer
The Toons in purple are Legendary

More news will come in the future! For instance, we will expand the Gangster Team in one of the following seasons!

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We could apply other changes to events’ structure during the season’s development.

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