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Folks of Mayhem!
As you may know, we recently introduced a new theme: Assassin!

The Team is composed by the following toons:

Ninja Ralph (Legendary Attacker, Assassin, REWORK)

Hitman Crusher (Epic Defender; Assassin, NEW)

Space Runner Canasta ( Epic Attacker; Assassin, NEW)

The upcoming Assassins have a unique mechanic: the Flourish combo.

As you hit your enemies and switch between Swift Strikes and Heavy Blows, they will accumulate Flourish stacks. Once an enemy reaches 10 stacks of Flourish, each Assassin will unlock a super Finisher, dealing a LOT of damage and granting your team permanent solid buffs. Bonus damage (and animation) if you have their respective partner when activating the skill.

Shinobi Tweety (Epic Support; Assassin, NEW)

Ninja Ralph

As the Assassin’s Legendary, Ninja Ralph has received a drastic rework and stats buffs to work with the Flourish mechanic and properly lead these menaces into battle.

The rework and stats changes are already live!

  • Stats:
    • Attack: 235 → 279
    • Defense: 155 → 208
    • Health: 404 → 541
    • Speed: 190 → 205

Shuriken Shears
Swift Strike: Hit target enemy 2x for a total of 100% damage with +25% Piercing.

Thin the Herd

Whenever this toon damages an enemy, inflict a stack of Flourish. Whenever at least 1 enemy has 10 or more stacks of Flourish, unlock Kunai Kinship. Whenever an Assassin team member defeats an enemy with Flourish, remove a 20% Turn Meter from all enemies.

Bleat No More

Swift Strike: Deal 90% Damage to the target enemy, Silencing them and inflicting 5 Stat Down for 2 turns.

One With Shadows

At the start of the battle, and each of this toon’s turns, if this toon lacks Hidden, gain Hidden for the rest of the battle. At the end of this toon’s turns, if it is Hidden, earn 3 Piercing Up (up to 6 total) for the rest of the battle and grant all Hidden allies 2 Piercing Up.

Fleece the Sacred Sheep

Heavy Blow: Deal 200% damage to the target enemy, losing Hidden and all Piercing Up. Gain Sure, Dodge. While in Alliance R&D, if the target enemy has 5 or more Stacks of Flourish, Stun them.

Kunai Kinship (Unlocked)

Cleanse all Debuffs from this toon, then Deal 150% damage to the enemy with the most Flourish. If Shinobi Tweety is an ally, call them to attack for 125% of their Attack. Grant your team +25% Piercing and +25% Lifesteal for the rest of the battle. Remove all Flourish from the enemy.

Sneak Attack (**NEW**)

Sneak Attack: While this toon remains in battle, each Assassin team member has a +25% chance per Hidden team member at the start of their turns to remove all Taunt from the enemy team. If 1 or more Taunt is removed from this ability, grant your team a 10% Turn Meter.

Shrouded Strikes (**NEW**)

While in Alliance R&D, your team has +10% Stats, and while this toon remains in battle, team members gain +5% Max Health (up to +50%) whenever they gain Hidden and Assasin team members have +50% Counter Chance while they are Hidden.

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