Folks of Mayhem!

This one will be a week full of news and surprises for the Looneyverse!

In this article, we will talk about the upcoming rework of Arena and the introduction of the Arena Championships. We will talk in-depth about all the exciting changes to the Arena format that will occur on the 25th of July!

Arena Changes: Main Points

  • Both arenas (Arena Tournament, Champions Arena) will be updated with a different set of allowed characters and scoring rules per season!
    • An Arena season is called an Arena Championship, and it will last 84 days
  • Arenas will now have character restrictions
    • Only toons with the Championship theme can be used to defend and attack
    • The Championship Theme tag will be added to include about 95 characters
    • You can see the complete list of allowed characters by filtering your Character Collection by the Championship Theme
  • We will reduce the Promotion mask requirements for Arena Leagues! 
    • Reaching the Diamond League will now require 14,300 Masks (down from 50,000!)
      • Example. A player with 3,000 Masks would currently fall in Ruby 1 League. After this change goes live, they will be promoted to Sapphire 2.
  • Player masks will be reset down to Emerald 5 at the start of a new Championship (on Monday, July 25, and every 84 days)
    • To celebrate your effort climbing the Arena League rewards will be sent out based on your current Arena League. The higher your League before the reset, the bigger the rewards you will receive.
      • Example. A player with 10,000 masks will have 3,450 after the reset (which is the updated promotion requirement for Emerald 5). A player with 3,000 masks will not lose any masks
  • A new Celebration Arena will be introduced. The top 20 finishers of each Champions Arena Tournament will gain access
    • A single, 20-player Arena that determines the top Arena competitor

To recap: At the end end of each Arena Championship (which will last 84 days or around 3 Event Seasons):

  • Masks will be reset
  • A new group of Championship toons will be defined
  • We will launch a new Arena Championship!

Usable Toons 

With the introduction of the Arena Championship, a limited pool of characters will be available to use in every Arena…

  • The selected toons will receive the Championship Theme tag
  • Players will be able to use only the selected toons for both attack and defense
  • We will choose the toons available according to the following rules
    • ~20x most recently changed teams 
    • ~5x older teams 
  • Toons that will be released during the Championship will also be added to the Championship group
  • The available toons will be around 90
Championship ThemesTotal: 24Toons per theme
Show Biz4
Tune Squad8
Merry Men1
Upcoming themes in Green

New Arena Schedule!

The new Arena Championship will feature  Regular Arena, Champions Arena & associated Tournament, and the brand new Celebration Arena (which will be explained in-depth in the next paragraph).


  • The Regular Arena will be available every day during the Championship
  • Champions Arena will remain available during weekends
    • The entry limit will be increased to 3 (from 2)
  • The Champions Arena Tournament will now last 26 days (instead of 2)
    • You will have a maximum of 9 Champion’s Arena entries to reach your best score per Tournament (up from 2)
    • To account for the increased duration of the Champions Arena Tournament  we will extend the Milestones to 15 (from 10)
    • The total rewards that can be earned from each Champions Arena Tournament will be increased by 4x
  • The end of the Champions Arena Tournament will reward the top 20 players the subscription material (Celebration Key) to participate in the Celebration Arena
  • The Arena Championship ends after a total of 84 days (3 Champions Arena Tournaments)

As mentioned above, at the beginning of every new Arena Championship, the masks of the players for leagues above Emerald will be reset. 

  • Reset part of the masks for leagues above Emerald
    • All Amethyst and Diamond players will be rolled back to Emerald 5 League
  • The promotion/demotion requirements will be reduced.
    • This will reduce the total expected days to reach Diamond league from 333 to 95 (if you are starting at Ruby 3)
    • Reaching Diamond from Emerald 5 will take approximately 61 days

To play Arena, you will be able to use only toons from a selected pool.

  • The requirements for The Regular Arena and Champions Arena are:
    • Regular, 12 Championship toons
    • Champions, 28 Championship toons, 5+ stars, 25+ TU

Celebration Arena 

The 20 best players from the Champions Arena Tourney will battle among themselves in a special tournament called Celebration Arena.

Celebration Arena will be available for 2 days every 4th weekend: 24h of pool fill timeout and 24h to battle.

  • Players will need 80 toons to play this Celebration Arena
  • 1x Arena entry will grant the opportunity to battle against 19 players!
  • After 26 days of running Regular and Champions Arenas, the celebration arena runs for 2 days
  • Rank rewards will be based on doubling what players get from the Champions Arena – all of them are winners for getting to this point!
    • Rewards
      • Boost Cubes 
      • Arena Currency
      • Marvelous Cosmic Stones
    • Ranking 20 on Celebration will grant similar rewards to Rank 1 on Champions Arena
  • All leagues will reward the same items and amounts

Arena Rework Rewards

Many bonuses and rewards will be featured on this Arena Rework. 

  • We will give bonus points for surviving with selected Championship toons (up to 5-7 handpicked)
    • Rules of the 5-7 toons that will grant bonus points
      • 2 newest championship toons (from the current season)
      • 2 new but not from the current season championship toons
      • 2 older championship toons
      • All of those toons must also be part of the championship theme!
    • +1000 points for surviving with each selected toon
  • Champions Arena tournament rewards will be increased by 4x 
  • When the masks are reset, at the end of the tournament, rewards will be sent to players based on the league they reached
  • Updated Rewards 
    • Championship Arena: Exclusive toon Character Pieces (Omega Chungus)
    • Champions Tourney: Exclusive toon Cosmic Stars (Stupor Duck)
    • Celebration Arena: Marvelous Cosmic Stones

Daily league payouts will remain unchanged.

Note: In future updates, we are planning to make the removal of the masks after the end of each Championship Arena, more elegant. During the upcoming Arena Championship (starting on the 25th of July), instead, players will face the following UI features: 

  • When re-opening the arena for the first time, the new mask values will be presented
  • By interacting with the Mask Button, the previous value will be shown, with no promotion/demotion feedback
    • The league displayed will be the same as before the end of the Championship Arena, even if it changed with the updated mask count
  • Every player facing mask information in the game is maintained as the original value
  • Once the mask count will be changed by an in-game interaction (win or lose masks due to an arena battle), the mask count will be updated
  • Arena League rewards are sent out based on the value after the reset