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A hidden cabinet on the city’s dark side leads to a high-tech secret lab. Among sounds of neutrinos decaying, accelerators spinning to discover new layers of reality, a concerto of noises spreads toward the lab exit: Blurgh, Argh, Glurgh! Finally, with a spinning explosion, the hatch blows off, revealing the new, fantastic Anti-Hero: Dark Matter is among us! 

Welcome to Battle Pass: Dark Matter!

After a long time, we feature a Legendary Toon on one of our Battle Passes.

The Battle Pass, on occasion, will be one month long! From the 25th of July to the 21st of August.

The Battle pass will feature the following Anti-Hero toons: 

  • Dark Matter (Legendary)
  • Stupor Duck (Epic)
  • Toxic Destroyer (Epic)
  • Motor Cowboy (Epic)


Thanks to his skill, Tentacle Strike, he deals 95% damage to the target enemy, inflicting all enemies with 2 Piercing Down. With his passive skill, New Host, whenever this toon is defeated, a random ally receives New Host, Cleansing them of 5 Debuffs and granting +50% Max Health, +25% Attack, and +25% Defense while active. At the end of that toon’s next turn, they lose New Host, reviving this toon for 50% of its Max Health and Cleansing all Debuffs.

Event’s Structure

  • Starting at Battle Pass premium unlock, you can spin the Battle Wheel for 3 Battle Tickets and acquire featured Battle Pass toon pieces!
  • This Battle Pass features one Battle Wheel with Dark Matter pieces guaranteed after every spin!
  • Completing both daily quests will earn you one tier in the Battle Pass!
  • Reach Tier 60 on both tracks (Free and Premium) to unlock Dark Matter and other Anti-Hero toons!
  • Unlock Battle Badges in both tracks of the Battle Pass to exchange in the shop for toon pieces or upgrades on the featured Battle Pass toons!

Purchase the Battle Pass to unlock Premium Tier rewards!

  • Purchase the Ultra Battle Pass Pack to unlock premium track rewards + 15 tiers!
  • Purchase Tiers in the Battle Pass shop to accelerate your progression!
  • Battle Pass is only available to Level 40+ players.

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