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Folks of Mayhem! Welcome to the most galactic event in the Looneyverse: Cosmic Stars!

Cosmic Stars is a brand new event where you can play a tailored campaign, mini crates event, and more to win a chance at Cosmic Stars and earn other rewards!


  • Featuring the 3 new toons (Toxic Destroyer, GI Bugs, Motor Cowboy) from season 3
  • Featuring 3 teams (Divine, Circus, Wrestler) from season 3
Featured Toons for the EventRarity
Toxic DestroyerEpic
GI BugsLegendary
Motor CowboyEpic
Anubis K-9Legendary
Athena PetuniaEpic
Hermes Road RunnerEpic
Henery HorusEpic
Lion Tamer ElmerLegendary
Cannonball CoyoteEpic
High Dive SamEpic
Sword Swallower She-DevilEpic
El EspectroLegendary
El RelámpagoEpic
The Taz-ManiacEpic
The Masked TerrorEpic


  • Cosmic Fragments – earned mainly from campaigns
  • Milky Way Token – earned from crates
  • S3 Star Token – earned from exchanges, offers, and other places
  • Cosmic Energy – earned from crates and used on campaigns

Cosmic Stars Energy Details

  • 100 Energy Cap
  • 100 Starting Energy
  • Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems (4 times)
  • Refresh Amount: 100 energy
  • It is a different energy than S3 energy, used for toons releases

Login Calendar

  • Purchase calendar to unlock S3 Star Tokens and Cosmic Energy
  • Use S3 Star Tokens on exchanges for Cosmic Stars!

IMPORTANT! Milky Way and S3 Star Tokens for the Cosmic Star Event are specific to the event. You should spend them all before the event ends; otherwise, you will lose them.


Starting the 15th of July at 6:00 pm UTC and finishing on the 22nd of July at 6:00 pm UTC

Play three exciting campaigns featuring the new toons of Season Three, Toxic Destroyer, GI Bugs, and Motor Cowboy! Prepare yourself for cosmic fun!

  • 3x campaigns, 1 for each new Season 3 toon!
  • Rewards Toon pieces, Cosmic Fragments, Tune-up materials and a chance at a CS at the end of each Act


A new tournament starts on day 1, lasting for the entire event, tied with Crates Injection. Play rotating Arena and Tower tourneys throughout the event to win more rewards!

Overall Tournament

Starting the 15th of July at 6:00 pm UTC.

  • Lasts 7 days
  • Tied into week-long mini crate event
  • Rewards S3 Star Tokens, Featured Toon pieces, Featured CS’s and other rewards
MilestonesPointsS3 Star TokenGI Bugs PiecesGold League MedalGolden TicketGemsTune-up TicketGold

Arena Tournament x 4

Starting the 15th of July at 6:00 pm UTC.

  • 4x 1-day tournaments rotating with tower tournaments
  • Rewarding Cosmic Fragments, Cosmic Energy, S3 Star Tokens, Featured Toons Pieces, and more!

Tower Tournament x 3

Starting the 16th of July at 6:00 pm UTC.

  • 3x 1-day tournaments rotating with arena tournaments
  • Rewarding Cosmic Fragments, Cosmic Energy, S3 Star Tokens, Featured Toons Pieces, and more!


  • Collecting Cosmic Crates
  • Collecting S3 Star Tokens
  • Rotating Daily Quests
  • Using the ‘Star Token Chance‘ and ‘Mega Star Token Chance‘ Exchanges

Crates Injection

Starting the 15th of July at 6:00 pm UTC.

Steal Cosmic Crates for Cosmic Energy used on Campaigns and Milky Way Tokens for Divine, Circus, Wrestler pieces, Black Tickets, Golden Tickets, and more, during this brand new event!

  • Lasts all week
  • Rewards Milky Way Tokens, Cosmic Energy, and tune-up materials


  • Gold Ticket Wheel – Featured Toons Jackpot
  • Cosmic Fragment Wheel – Featured Legendary Toons Jackpot
  • Black Ticket Wheel (starting on the 21th of July at 6:00 pm UTC) – S3 Star Token Jackpot


  • Cosmic Fragments for S3 Star Tokens, Game Title
  • Milky Way Tokens for featured toon pieces, Black Tickets, Golden Tickets and more
  • Golden Tickets for Cosmic Fragments and Black Tickets

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