Accelerator Event: Tasmania 

From 5/23 to 5/26

Deckswab Dawb, Sea Goin’ Sam, Dread Pirate Penelope & other Tasmania toons are back in the last accelerator event of the season!

Earn this toons pieces from Tournaments, Campaigns, Exchanges and Store offers.
Purchase the Accelerator Calendar to get special energy used on locked campaigns and for daily Accelerator token rewards.
The Special energy earned from purchasing the Accelerator Calendar can be used on a locked tune-up chapter and Dread Pirate Penelope Campaign!
Use Accelerator Tokens on the Accelerator Wheel, and exchanges for Dread Pirate Penelope pieces and Highlander Leghorn pieces. Earn more Accelerator Tokens from Tournament rank rewards, Quests, Campaign rewards and as an additional item to all Accelerator Store offers.

Event Details:

  • 4-Day event
  • Last Accelerator Event of the season

Login Calendar

  • $9.99 Calendar offers unlocking the Accelerator Calendar and rewarding 100 Special Accelerator Energy used to played the locked campaign/chapter


  • Refreshes Daily
  • Collect Accelerator Tokens, Spin the Accelerator Wheel, Collect specific featured toon pieces and collect Highlander Hats to progress in the ranks and milestones
  • Earn Deckswab Dawg pieces, Sea Goin’ Sam pieces, Highlander Hats, Accelerator Tokens, Warrior Energy and Tune-Up materials from rank and milestone rewards


  • Complete daily quests to earn Dread Pirate Penelope Pieces, Accelerator Tokens and Tune-Up materials

Campaign 1 

Use all of your Accelerator Tokens before the end of this event, as they will not carry over to the next Accelerator event.

Digital Deviousness

From 5/26 to 6/2

Join featured teams and collect tune-up materials in a new premium mini-event, coming Memorial Day weekend!

Battle to win Stacks of Bills, Gold and Black Tickets, Tune-Up Materials, and more!

Use regular campaign energy to play the stages in a particular campaign composed of one chapter divided into three acts for the event.

Exchange gold tickets for black tickets in the shop and use black tickets to spin the wheel.

Spinning the wheel completes quests for gangster/cyber rewards and unlocks a second wheel with better value!

Keep spinning either wheel for more quest rewards and more tokens.

Exchange tokens in the shop for your choice of gold or tune-up materials.

New Toon!

From 5/27 to 6/3

The blog article is here!

Battle Pass: Painting Red

From 5/27 to 6/10

Introducing Battle Pass: Painting Red! Featuring both legendary Artist and Wrestler toons!!

Starting at Battle Pass premium unlock, you will be able to spin the Battle Wheel for 3 Battle Tickets and acquire featured Battle Pass toon pieces!

This Battle Pass features one Battle Wheel with ONLY legendary toons from EITHER team (the jackpot gives BOTH), guaranteeing you pieces of these legendary toons for each spin!

Completing both daily quests each day will earn you one tier in the Battle Pass!
Reach Tier 30 on both tracks (Free and Premium) and you will have El Espectro and Tazinsky, as well as other Artist and Wrestler toons unlocked!

Unlock Battle Badges in both tracks of the Battle Pass to exchange in the shop for toon pieces or upgrades on the featured Battle Pass toons!

  • Purchase the Battle Pass to unlock Premium Tier rewards
  • Purchase the Ultra Battle Pass Pack to unlock premium track rewards + 15 tiers!
  • Purchase Tiers in the Battle Pass shop to accelerate your progression!
  • Battle Pass is only available to Level 40+ players.

New Accelerator Event:  Stupor Duck

From 5/31 to 6/3

Play through daily campaigns for tune-up and level-up materials for the toons featured in the upcoming  Stupor Duck event. 

Repeat rewards include Accelerator Tokens that can be used on the Accelerator Wheel for featured epic and rare toon pieces! (Important: You will not be able to obtain Stupor Duck Pieces)

In addition, spinning the Accelerator Wheel will complete quests that reward featured legendary toon pieces and star tokens!

Featured Toons for the EventRarity
Ronin CanastaLegendary
Black Knight SamEpic
Nasty CanastaEpic
Witchdoctor HazelEpic
The Pig KahunaEpic
Devil DogRare
Witch HazelRare
Evil GrannyLegendary
Supersonic HopperEpic
Nova BunnyEpic
The RapthcallionEpic

NOTE: the information in this article is preliminary. The events and their schedule may change in the future. We will update this article regularly to match the possible changes. Stay Tooned and check this post often!

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