Folks of Mayhem! 

We all know that the Looney-verse is a world full of exciting events and tons of ACME-certified dynamite; sometimes, you might need guidance to navigate such a fun and constantly changing land.

This Road Map is to update you about the newest upcoming additions and changes to the World of Mayhem! 

Let’s discern together all this news! 

Events: Season Renewed! 

A quick communication, first. Your feedback is essential for us to make the best game of all time always better. We are constantly gathering your opinion through all the channels possible. All of your feedback, negative or positive, is fundamental in our decision process and understanding the best path to follow for our crazy, beautiful game.

Thank you for being such dedicated players; we are grateful for this passion.

Based on your feedback, we decided to add significant changes to seasons and take a step back.

In true Looney Tunes spirit, Seasons are almost a philosophic subject: duck season or rabbit season? Two months season or a one-month season?

For the latter question, for Season Two, the answer is clear!

A few weeks ago, we ran a survey with the community. According to the study results, most of the players participating preferred a return to a one-toon-per-week release pace. 

We listened to your feedback, and we decided to implement this change! 

From the release of our next toon, Commando Daffy, you can expect us to release generally four toons per month.

Also, the Seasons are changing:

  • Seasons will have flexible duration, starting with the next toon (Commando Daffy, 5/27). It may vary from season to season. The next one will last one month instead of two.
  • During a single season, you can expect at least a Battle Pass to be featured

Themed seasons, like the last warriors-themed one, are currently suspended. Hopefully, this concept will come back in the future after we run the needed tests and considerations. 

Here you can find the schedule for the next season.

We will release the following new toons

  • Commando Daffy, 5/27 (Epic Attacker; Victory Team)

  • Stupor Duck (Epic Defender; Anti Hero)

  • Medic Sam (Epic Support; Victory Team)
  • Giovanni Jones (Legendary Attacker; Opera)

Important fact about Giovanni: Leopold, Siegfried, Valkyrie Bugs will move to the Opera Theme!

Battle Pass

  • Battle Pass: Painted Red
  • Battle Pass: to be decided

Featured Toons of Season 2

Commando DaffyStupor DuckMedic SamGiovanni Jones
Countess PenelopeRonin CanastaStar-Pharaoh Marvin
Siegfried Elmer
Fair Lady Melissa
Black Knight SamArchon Elmer
Valkyrie Bugs
Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.Nasty CanastaMarvinLeopold
Grand Duke SylvesterWitchdoctor HazelK-9Tazinsky
Chamberlain PorkyThe Pig KahunaBat-Suit WileDaffy Miranda
Ghost of Christmas TazDevil DogWile E. CoyoteJester Bugs
Krampus DogWitch HazelLitigator LolaZoot Suit Daffy
GothamerEvil GrannyInfinite SpeedyFlamenco Prissy
Scrooge Yosemite SamSupersonic HopperM4RV1NPenelope Couture
Nova BunnyK-9000Pepe Le Bard
The RapthcallionEGGH34DYodel Le Pew
This list of featured toons is preliminary, and it might change in the future.

Accelerator Events 

Accelerator Events are accelerating even more! 

After the release of Commando Daffy, we will feature Accelerator Events for a specific new toon before releasing a new toon event. For example, we will launch the Accelerator Event for Stupor Duck before the actual release of the event featuring Stupor Duck.

During the new accelerator event, you will be able to obtain precious materials, tune-ups, and character pieces for featured toons (excluding character pieces of the new toon). 

We this change you will be able to prepare appropriately and in advance for the upcoming event, allowing you to build the strongest team possible in time!

Alliance War Update

As we mentioned in previous publications, Alliance War is due for an update! This initiative will span the better part of 2022, and we will introduce it in parts. Our overarching vision will enable alliances to make progress by climbing leagues, revitalizing their gameplay with an additional layer of strategy, and improving matchmaking and a series of quality of life improvements that will help plan and analyze past data.

We will reveal further details about Alliance War in future publications.

New Toons!

Our goal is to keep our game fresher, relevant, and appealing to veterans and newcomers players! We are lucky enough to work with LooneyTunes, a Universe full of fun and charismatic characters. 

To maintain thrilling our game’s meta and engage players as they deserve, we want to release as much exciting content as possible! You can expect us then to keep releasing more toons in the future that are a good fit for the modern ecosystem of the gameā€”all without forgetting new fantastic content and gameplay improvements and innovations.

But this doesn’t mean that we will neglect beloved characters of the past. To some degree, we will keep reworking older toons to make them still relevant on the current meta. Also, we are giving some thoughts on updating game modes so that classic toons will help you more advance in your progress. 

The Looney-verse will keep expanding!

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