Folks of Mayhem,

Welcome to another episode of the Looney Tunes: Release Notes! With version 38.0, we are introducing various improvements that should facilitate your life in our looney world.

But enough talking, let’s discover all the features of this new update!

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  • An additional way to sync and recover your account progress is available now on mobile and coming soon on the website!


  • Battles Load Faster: we reduced the time it takes for a battle to finish loading by 30-40% on average, more for older devices.

Battles Load much faster with 38.0! Compare the before (left) and after (right)

  • Preview Scores in Alliance R&D: See how much score your alliance needs to reach higher positions on the Leaderboard

Solved Issues

  • The “Update Detected” pop-up will now properly wait for you to finish active battles. A very polite pop-up!
  • DOOM Dot no longer triggers unexpected effects (like Nova Bunny’s Temperamental)
  • Structures in War, can no longer be permanently locked
  • Fixed remaining errors when assigning or opening crates
  • Quantities displayed in pop-ups now round to 2 decimal places (up from 1)


Update 38.0 roll out starts today, Monday May 2nd.