37.0 Release Notes


Show Biz is here! Cast your characters in a Looney Tunes Production and reap the idle rewards every few minutes. It’s prime time gaming!

  • Show Biz is an idle reward feature
  • Cast any unlocked toon, including Legendary
  • 6x slots at level 50+
  • Rewards will start accumulating automatically. You can collect every few minutes up to 8 hours.
  • Collecting your rewards is super fast. Just tap to collect and move on
  • Rewards depend on the toons you cast. Assign Bugs Bunny to earn Bugs Bunny Character Pieces and Carrots – his unique material – among many other things
  • Increase your rewards by increasing your overall Collection Power. Higher Collection Power increases your Audience Rating Tier. There are 10 tiers at launch


  • Significantly reduced crashing
  • Preview equipped Gadgets in Alliance Wars
  • Modernized Health Bars in Endurance Tower
  • Sorting Collection by Level now Sorts Collection by Level
  • Sorting Collection by Rank Up % will now move already maxed toons to the bottom
  • All cases where characters with very high ATK would deal 0 damage instead of massive damage
  • Tapping a special energy reward will now properly show you how much of it you already have


  • A new Lab Monitor will now broadcast the Top 3 Alliances in Alliance R&D to the home screen. Get ’em!
  • Collection Power in your Player Profile will now account for Gadgets
  • [Already Live] Added Unique Materials in FIND. You can now purchase any Unique material daily in the FIND flow in exchange for Gold Medals. Purchase up to 25 per day (keep in mind that the cost doubles every 5)


  • World and Tasks. F in chat

When is it coming?

37.0 is rolling out the week of Monday April 4, 2022!

Since this is a huge change in the game – namely the removal of World – the rollout will be quite gradual as we verify tech stability metrics. As a result, a small group of randomly selected players will be receiving the new feature earlier than others.

Marvin’s Invasion Update

We are reorganizing Marvin’s Invasion to Regions.

  • Each chapter is a region where you can earn the respective characters and tune up materials.
  • Adding 3x new Chapters for Avalooney, WB Studio and Tasmania
  • Adding multiple new characters to farm from Marvin’s Invasion (at least 8 from each region)
  • Don’t worry, your past progress will persist in the updated campaign

When is it coming?

To ensure quality, we are delaying the release of the updated Campaign to the week of April 11, 2022.