The inaugural Season is Here! Let’s take a look into the first 2-week event, featuring the first Warrior, Epic Attacker Angelus Maximus of the Warrior Season headlined by Omega Chungus!

  • Event Token: Maximus Helmet
  • Event & Season Energy: Warrior Seasonal Energy. Used for all events during Warrior Season
  • Featured Toons, available for the whole Season:
Angelus Maximus WarriorOmega Chungus Supertoon
Major Canasta HunterSuper-Rabbit Supertoon
Bushwhacker Sam HunterPresto Pig Supertoon
Contraptionist Egghead HunterSuper Coyote Supertoon
Outback Dawg HunterThe Flaming Succotash Supertoon
Van Wile HunterIron Mutt Supertoon
Rocket Sylvester HolidaySamurai Sheepdog Samurai
Bugs the Brave KnightWanderer Lola Samurai
Marvin the Marvelous KnightWarrior Monk Hector Samurai
Elmer the Sure KnightSellsword Sylvester Samurai
Tweety the Twue Knight
Foghorn the Invincible Knight
Sylvester the Brash Knight
Warrior Season introduces 23 Featured Toons to go after, including 4x Legendary!

Overall Structure

Unlock and max Epic Attacker Angelus Maximus, as you engage in multiple limited time events around the game over the next 2 weeks.

Collect limited time Event Tokens (Maximus Helmet) to exchange for Featured Toon Character Pieces. The Event Campaign provides a path to Character Pieces and Tune Up Materials for Angelus Maximus, while the Cosmic Campaign on week 2 a Cosmic Path to CS7.

Angelus Maximus & Warrior Team

The inaugural Warrior Attacker uses stacks of Bravery to buff himself and eventually make his attacks undodgeable and uncounterable. He is exceptional in Alliance War, where he and the rest of the Warriors enjoy 100% resistance to Speed Down and Turn Meter Removal.

Angelus Maximus Battle Pass

This Battle Pass remains the most reliable source of Maximus Character Pieces, Event Tokens and Event Energy. For this event, we have updated the Battle Pass quests to compliment the ongoing events. For example, during the Arena Tournament, Battle Pass quests will reward you for playing Arena. We have also increased the overall rewards a bit, compared to O’Hare Battle Pass

Angelus Maximus Campaign

Serving as the progression anchor of the event, 100 new battles invite you to unlock and strengthen your Angelus Maximus, leveraging the wide selection of featured toons. We expect the battles to be more closely tailored to your collection power, which will in turn provide a more rewarding feeling of progression (and better rewards to boot!). Opens on Day 1 and available for the full 14 days the Maximus Campaign:

  • Requires Warrior Seasonal Energy. This Energy used for all events during Warrior Season , but behaves very much like Invasion Energy
  • Play for Maximus Character Pieces (First Time rewards), Event tokens and Tune Up Materials
  • In order to provide an interesting and relevant experience to more players, this Campaign is segmented by player level.
    • Player levels 40-78 will have access to the Normal Campaign
    • Level 79 players will instead have access to the Hard mode version of the Campaign, featuring more challenging battles, but also better rewards

We are looking forward to your feedback on this Event Campaign, specifically around balance for your player level. We have heard ideas around segmenting the Campaign by Collection Power instead and we are exploring it for future events.

Warrior Seasonal Energy Details

-100 Energy Cap
-100 Starting Energy
-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes
-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems (4 times)
-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

A Cosmic Path: Cosmic Chaos

Earn direct promotions for Angelus Maximus all the way up Cosmic Star 7, by clearing Acts in the new Cosmic Campaign!

  • Cosmic Chaos Campaign: Defeat each Act to complete a Cosmic Chaos Quest that rewards a direct CS promotion.
    • Unlike the main Campaign, Cosmic Campaign has strict character restrictions, cycling through All featured toons
    • Each Act will ask you to use an unexpected team from the list of Featured Toons. Truly Chaotic
  • Cosmic Chaos Quests
    • Clear the Cosmic Chaos Campaign to earn up to Cosmic Star 7 Angelus Maximus!

Cosmic Chaos Pass:

  • A convenient pass will reward you +1 Cosmic Star compared to your Cosmic Chaos Campaign progress
    • The pass will only help you up to Cosmic Star 6, you will have to clear the Cosmic Chaos Campaign to reach CS 7
    • If you do manage to earn CS 6 and 7, purchasing the CC Pass will reward you with Bonus Epic Gadgets and Marvelous Stones

6 Tournaments

A new tournament starts every 2 or 3 days, cycling between Arena, Tower and Brawl

  • Tournaments reward you with Angelus Maximus Character Pieces and Seasonal Energy (Milestones) and Crests (Rank)

Event Quests

The following quest chains are going to be available throughout the event

  • Collect Featured Toon Character Pieces
  • Power up Angelus Maximus
  • Cosmic Chaos Quests (week 2)
  • Star Token Exchange (week 2)

Wheels & Exchanges

  • Golden Ticket Wheel: Hit the Jackpot to earn 2,500 – 3,000 Angelus Maximus Pieces! Guaranteed featured toon CP
  • Legendary Wheel offers a chance for Featured Legendary Character Pieces (day 10)
    • Earn Legendary Character Pieces for Major Canasta, Bugs the Brave and Samurai Sheepdog
    • Spin with Black Tickets
    • Earn Black Tickets from the final act of each campaign and a limited exchange for Golden Tickets
    • Available for 2 hour windows, a total of three times at 6pm, 2am, & 10am UTC
  • Direct Exchanges for all Featured toons. Exchange Event tokens for the Characters you need!
  • Star Token Exchange for Gems on week 2 gives you the change to earn Cosmic Stars for Angelus Maximus

That’s all folks!

We hope you enjoy the first event of the Warrior Season and are looking forward to your feedback, as we keep working on providing events that are fun and rewarding every day.