What’s up, doc?

Two months ago, we informed you about the upcoming content we were working on. One of them is a Quality of Life feature that you’ve been requesting a lot for a while: the feature that allows you to save (and browse!) teams!

From July 16th on, it will be easier and more intuitive for all players to keep their best team combinations at hand and manage their teams for different battles and scenarios.

We are happy to share more details with you in this post!

1. Why this Quality of Life feature? 

We have more than 200 toons available in-game, and we know that for new players especially, handling them could be a bit overwhelming. Currently – before July 16th, if you’re not familiar with our toons, it is not that easy to know how they work together and optimize your team. Some players even reported that it was painful for them to manage their team as our current system forced them to click several times to figure out a good composition that takes advantage of the best synergies possible.

A feature that allows players to Browse and Save their team has been in our backlog for a long time, and we are glad that we are finally delivering it!

2. Release Dates 

We’re currently planning to ship this feature in soft launch on July 1st and to everyone by July 16th.

That means that some of you (selected randomly) will have access to a preview of the feature as soon as this week!

On July 16th, we will open a new channel in our official Discord for you to be able to provide us with some feedback. So please let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what we can improve according to you! We’ll read your comments very carefully! 

3.  Browse your Team

You’ll notice now that the ‘Toons’ button on the home screen has been changed to a ‘Collection’ button. Clicking this will now bring you to the all-new ‘Teams’ Tab. Here you can learn about powerful featured teams that are designed to synergize well together and track your progress towards the toons to build these teams. If any team, in particular, excites you, you can save it to your collection of ‘My Teams’ to customize and use as you’d like. And don’t worry, you can save a team even if you haven’t unlocked all of the toons on it so that you can track your progress.

Once a team has been saved, it will appear on the ‘My Teams’ tab along with all of the rest of your custom team.

4.  Save your Team

Yes, we’re finally adding a ‘Save Teams’ feature, and we’re really excited about all of the new functionality it offers. Now under the teams’ tab, you can click to ‘create a new team,’ save it with a custom name, and manage your list of teams.

Once a team is saved, you’ll be able to select it from the new ‘teams tab’ in the character select screen and get into battle faster than ever! You can also save any team composition and manage your list of saved teams from the character select screen.

New Save Team Preview (Soft Launch) by Talking Tommy

We really hope that this feature will allow you to enjoy our game even better and help you build and discover the best team combinations to defeat your opponents!