What’s up, doc? 

In this “Roadmap of Mayhem” post we want to give you a high-level overview of different features and improvements that we are currently working on. 

You will see all of these coming in the next months. As we approach release dates, we’ll continue giving you deeper insights into them. 

But for the time being, off we go!


With version 27.0.0, we are giving you guys the option of reallocating the distribution of your Boost Cubes, both Core and Special. This way, you will always have the option of redistributing them and try different arrangements for your toons. We will also add Global Boost Stats, so each Boost Cube will give you a regional Boost and a global Boost to all toons.

New Boost Cubes respec and Global Bonus per stat. All stats you see are WIP and may be subject to change.

You can read more about this Boost Cubes Respect in THIS BLOG POST


A year after the introduction of the Weekly Arena League and the Bomb mechanic, Arena is getting its next evolution. 

Introducing the new – and permanent – Arena League. As usual, win Arenas to earn Masks and climb higher. But beware, losing Arenas will now also deduct some Masks. Can you make it to Diamond League? 

  • Higher League = Better rewards: The higher your league, the more rewards you will earn from the now daily league payouts as well as from each Arena. Fight for more Boost Cubes and more Gems than ever before.
  • ELO Matchmaking: With this change, we are also overhauling how Arena Matchmaking works. It will now be based on your Masks, so the higher you climb on the Arena League, the tougher the opponents and vice versa.

In addition, we will also update the Arena mechanics and scoring rules as follows:

  • Removed “The Bomb”. This novel mechanic reinforced a very specific meta on Arena that was interesting in the beginning, but we felt grew stale over the year, establishing a very narrow meta that no longer felt fun. In its place, we will be introducing new scoring rules that still reward dominant and easier victories, while allowing more granularity for more viable strategies.
  • New mechanic: Attacking toon exhaustion. Toons used to attack will become exhausted and will not be available for the rest of this Arena. This mechanic will encourage even more diverse strategies, as picking the right team for the right opponent will be even more important.
  • Faster plays and improved stability. The wait time to find opponents will be significantly reduced and the cost to enter will change from Skull Keys to Skull Energy for reduced friction. In addition, Arena rewards that go unclaimed will be sent to your inbox. Finally, we are also taking this opportunity to resolve long-standing Arena issues to improve stability.

To finetune the new mechanics, Arena League will go through a Beta phase where we will seek out player feedback.

As we get closer to release, stay tuned to our blog for more details about the new scoring rules and how we plan to transition placements from the current Weekly Arena League leaderboard to the new permanent Arena League.

Sneak peek at the new Arena Leagues
WIP: Names, art and numbers are subject to change


Another nifty improvement we’ll add to World of Mayhem with a future update is the opportunity to save your favorite toon teams. This way, it will be easier and more intuitive for players to keep their best team combinations at hand and manage their teams for different battles and scenarios. 

This has been quite a hot request from our looney community, and we’re very glad we’re finally delivering it. 

Saved Teams feature mockup, WIP


The ACME corporation is ready to open the warehouses and deliver its wackiest Gadgets!

Gadgets are a new collectible item you can equip to any toon to unlock new utility in combat! Explore infinite possibilities pairing the right Gadgets with the best toons and personalize your teams to play with your unique strategy!

We will reveal more details about how Gadgets will work in the upcoming months. Until then, here are some reasons we think you might be excited about collecting them:

  • Customizability means no two meta teams will play the same. (Looney) Tune to your playstyle!
  • Gadget skills are battle-changing mechanics that unlock fun and strategic potential you can feel
  • Portability: equip, unequip and move gadgets to the toons you like
  • Set powers available from level 1 makes the fun aspect immediately accessible
Equip ACME Gadgets to activate new powers and abilities in battle!
WIP: Names, art and numbers are subject to change


Last but not least, we’re planning to give Alliances a little bit of extra love. We’re working on an “Alliance check-in” feature that will enable players in an Alliance to check in daily to claim bonus rewards for everyone in their Alliance. The more players check in on a daily basis, the better rewards everyone gets. 

These daily Alliance check-ins will replace our current Alliance crates.

Alliance check-ins feature mockup, which will replace Alliance Crates.
WIP: Names, art and numbers are subject to change

We hope you are as excited as us for everything that’s coming.

– The Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Team