Hey there everyone,

[“JUST IN CASE” NOTE: This is no April Fools’ joke. Also, Big Chungus is definitely happening!]

We continue working hard to bring you better experiences in World of Mayhem. In this blog post, we wanted to give you the lowdown of an upcoming feature a lot of you have been requesting: 

Boost Cubes Respec!

With version 27.0.0 (coming around the end of April), we are giving you guys the option of reallocating the distribution of your Boost Cubes, both Core and Special. This way, you will always have the option of redistributing them and try different arrangements for your toons.

When the update hits, everyone will get their Cubes reset, and EVERY Cube used will return to your inventory to be used again. This first reset will be free.

The first reset after that will cost you only 200 Gems. This price will keep on increment in all subsequent changes that you perform (from 200 to 1,000 and then 2,500, 4,000 and 5,000 – as you can see, the Boost Cubes reset should not be used carelessly). There’ll be a price rollback every 6 months.

We are also tweaking the economy of Core Boosts by multiplying everything by 10. This won’t change anything on the balancing side. We are just adding an extra digit here to have more granularity to work with Cubes rewards in our future Arena Leagues.

New Boost Cubes respec and Global Bonus per stat. All stats you see are WIP and may be subject to change.

Other Changes:

  • Global Boost Stats → Each Boost Cube will now give you a regional Boost and a global boost to all toons. 
  • Improvements to Boost Cubes allocation → Our new multi-boost UI will allow you to quickly increase your Boost stats. 
  • We are also removing Piercing from our Special Boosts
New Global Bonus per stat. All stats you see are WIP and may be subject to change.

Developer comments

Our community has been requesting this respec feature for a while. We hope this change allows you guys to experiment with a wider variety of teams or make other toons in your collections more viable. The addition of Global Boosts goes into that idea of making all your regions more competitive overall.

Additionally, we felt that Piercing was increasing Attack Damage with no strong counter and, as a result, the game meta was too fast-paced, with very high Damage rounds. We believe removing Piercing will slow down the meta and open up the possibility of more gameplay strategies.

Boost Cubes Respec FAQ

Q: Are Boost Cubes costs staying the same? Will there be still increased costs for Avalooney, WB Studios, and Tasmania? How are you refunding our Cubes?

A: We have tweaked the prices a little bit but all regions have the same prices now. These new prices are in between the “normal” and the “premium” regions. 

All the Cubes you have spent on until the update will be saved and used as a reference for the first reset you perform. You won’t be losing any of your old Cubes while resetting. 

Q: Are Global Boosts also applied to Special Boosts?

A: Yes, they are. Global Boosts will influence your strategy on both Core and Special Boosts. 

Q: What was the reasoning behind Global Boosts?

A: It was implemented to make a wider variety of toons available for players. It used to happen that players were investing all their Boost Cubes in one single region, making other new upcoming toons less competitive or relevant if they were not in one of those invested regions.

With Global Boosts, each time you level up one region you are gaining a bonus on all the regions as well, both for Core and Special Boosts. We are giving more agency for players to explore different builds. Ultimately, leveling up multiple regions will be more worth than just reaching max level on a single one.

Q: What percentage gains do you get both regionally and globally per Boost level?


Q: What happens to the Cubes invested into Piercing? Are those being refunded as well?

A: They will indeed be refunded so you don’t lose them.

Q: When are you releasing this update?

A: As always, dates may finally change but we are aiming to release this in a few weeks, by the end of April. We’re planning to release it during the Enlistment Phase in Alliance Wars to minimize gameplay disruptions. 

— The Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem dev team