What’s up doc!

We are ready to share more details on the upcoming changes in Endurance Tower.

Off we go!

+3 New Towers

Three brand new Towers are going to be introduced in the rotation: Sea Tower, Van Tower and Egg Tower! Climb the new towers to earn pieces of Sea-Devil, Van Wile and Egghead Jr respectively, in addition to Gold and Cosmic Stones.

Updated Schedule

To ensure the new content is regularly available, we are updating the tower schedule to two towers per week. The Vampire, Gridiron, and Granny towers are going to continue starting on Thursday, while the new towers are going to start every Monday UTC. Each tower event will run for 3.5 days down from 7 to accommodate the new schedule.

Play both towers per week to double your rewards!

Balance Changes

With 6 towers, every toon theme is now useful in Endurance Tower. To achieve balanced distribution, some toon themes will move to the new towers. The tower enemies will also be refreshed to include toons released in the last 4 months, while the enemy power curve remains the same. 

Notable Changes:

  • Masterminds moved from Vampire Tower to Egg Tower. The change matches Egghead’s theme and restores balance to Vamp Tower, which was slightly off since the addition of Fiends.
  • Magic toons are replaced in Gridiron Tower with Imperial and Wild West and moved to the Sea Tower, to make sure Sea-Devil can be used in her own tower.
  • Holiday toons moved to Sea Tower to round out the pool of available toons

Alliance: Tower Climb Tournament

The Tower Climb Tournament has been a fun addition, accompanying the launch of Endurance Towers, but we feel the weekly race has grown stale. To shake things up, we are replacing it with a new Alliance: Tower Climb Tournament.

The new leaderboard will reward alliances that collectively reach higher floors on the two towers of a given week. We are excited about the alliance version of Tower Climb, as it promotes sharing strategies of how to climb further, puts a lot less focus on speed, and has more granular tiebreakers, which should create more interesting engagement throughout the event.

Every time you reach a higher floor than before, you can increase your score! 

Scoring Rules:

  • Reach a higher floor for the first time in any Vampire Tower +1
    • You can score 1 point the first time you climb to a higher floor, regardless of which tower you climb. Even if you reach Floor 3 on Base, Cosmic and Danger towers, your total contribution will be 3 (not 9). Climb to a higher floor to increase it to 4. A true High Floor Score.
  • Clear the Vampire Danger!!! Tower +2
    • This one is challenging but simple. Just open the stash on the last floor of Danger!!! Tower to contribute 2 extra points.

As you may have noticed already, these rules mean that the maximum score each player can contribute each week is 24 (10+2 from each tower), while the perfect alliance will be able to reach 1,200 points. How high can you get?

The new towers are going live in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

– LT:WoM team