This week marks the arrival of Hermes Road Runner, the first of an all-new Divine theme of mythology-inspired toons.  As designers, we want this new team to do a few things:

  1. Leverage new or underexplored combat mechanics
  2. Put an unloved region on the map (heh!)
  3. Shake up the competitive meta

For 1, let’s start with Hermes’ starting skill:

We’ve wanted to do an effect like this for a long time, and Hermes, the messenger god, felt like a great toon for its debut. Never in World of Mayhem has cooldown reduction extended to allies in this way. At a 33% chance, the effect should provide some generalist value to non-divine teams, but the real synergies are coming with the other gods.

Next, to simulate immortality, divine toons will all feature revive in some way. Although this effect isn’t entirely new, only a scant few toons can do it, and it’s time for that to change. Expect a suite of back-from-the-dead mechanics, beginning here with Hermes’ push into the fray with 100% Turn Meter.

These resurrections should be especially as punishing as Hermes drops their cooldowns. When the rest of the divine team introduces their on-revive triggers, it should be heaven on earth for you and something else for your opponents.

Look at this shinny new building!

Onto point 2:

The divine team, although not exclusively, will reign from the Heavenly Abode in the Summit region. No one region should feature only one mechanic, and Summit has always suffered from an over-focus on Chilly/Freeze. We’ve also placed fewer new toons there than almost anywhere else, mainly because the thematic options feel so limited (we’re also looking at you, Farm). This addition should give Summit some much-needed variety and relevance.

Finally, point 3 isn’t something we can demand as designers, but we can sure make the case with phenomenal cosmic power. Gods should feel like gods, and each toon on this divine team will fulfill that covenant in battle.

See you in Arena,