Hey Loonerinos! Our Robot team was feeling a lil “rusty” and after some tinkering at the ACME Labs, we are happy to present the updated Robots along with a brand new team member: Robo-Taz! These robots are shipped straight from the factory to the World of Mayhem ready to deal tons of Critical Hits, while controlling the battle through Damage Immunity and Turn Meter manipulation. Built into their software is a very unique Theme Passive: Zapped.

Through this team’s constant Critical Hits enemies should remain Zapped throughout the battle. The chance of Zapped triggering will increase with every turn the enemy takes, eventually forcing that enemy to skip their turn without using a single ability of any kind! Along with their constant Turn Meter gains and slowing down of enemies, this team’s turns will be swift and decisive. 





Robots files are downloaded and available for viewing.


Capable of keeping himself healed through Passive Heals, Lifesteal, and Heal Over Time, Solid Tin Coyote has ample opportunity to go on the offense despite being this team’s Defender. Making full use of his ability to increase his team’s Critical Hit Chance and Critical Damage, he will add vulnerability to all enemies by lowering their Defenses and Critical Defenses. His favorite way of keeping the enemies at a disadvantage throughout the battle is with his Legendary Passive: High voltage:


Synergizing with the Robots goal of landing flurries of Critical Hits by passively increasing their Critical Hit Chance and Damage, Tweet-o-tron fulfills its role as the Support for the Robots by rewarding their continuous Critical Hits with heals and cleanses. Further adding to its role, it regularly grants Damage Immunity accompanied on its main healing ability to injured team members as well as through its battle saving emergency passive.


Solid Tin Road Runner is a frenzied attacker capable of removing Taunt, dealing massive critical AoE damage, and enhancing its team’s effectiveness against enemies at full health and enemies with Zapped. Boasting passive Dodge Chance to evade enemy attacks, Solid Tin Road Runner comes with a backup plan if its health gets too low: gaining additional attack and dealing passive AOE damage at the start of each turn it takes. 


Enter Robo-Taz, the latest addition to the Robots! Aiming to set an example by Stealing vital Buffs from enemies, this toon enhances all Robot team member’s attacks, allowing them to Steal an additional Stat Up and Inflict an additional Stat Down, while making sure to reward any Critical Hits with Turn Meter gains. Robo-Taz’s most notable attack is Mecha Taz: a formidable multi-hitting barrage with Recovery Down and Damage Over Time that will seriously endanger its opponent

We hope you find the Robots a worthwhile upgrade to your roster and we look forward to your feedback regarding this team on Discord! Happy Mayhem-ing!