Hey Loonerinos! Yesterday, we introduced the fourth member of the Tasmaniacs, She-Devil Bugs! We would like to take some time to talk about the team and showcase their talent. Without further ado, here are the Tasmaniacs:

The Tasmaniacs are an Alliance Wars team featuring reworks to Taz and Tasmanian She-Devil along with two brand new toons: She-Devil Bugs and Dodo, In-Wacknicolor. This team is extremely versatile and can create havoc on Offense and Defense thanks to their constant Flipping, Stealing, and Scrambling of enemy Buffs, enabling them to turn the enemy’s strengths into weaknesses. Additionally, each team member brings Passive abilities that affect unique Stat or Special Stat increases, growing in power proportional to how injured a team member is. 

The Sturdy and additional Health granted by the Theme Passive gives this team the comfort of being less concerned with remaining at full health at all times, instead allowing them to take advantage of these Passive abilities while being injured. 

Fans of Taz and Tasmanian She-Devil will be familiar with their ability to ignore Counter and Dodge when paired together. Our most recent addition to the World of Mayhem, Dodo, In-Wacknicolor, activates this skill for all members of the Tasmaniacs while in Alliance Wars.


While greatly boosting this team’s Attack and Speed, Taz can also remove Taunt from enemies while Stealing their Stat Up and Special Stat Up, having great effect against all manner of buffs including Counter, Dodge and Crit. Continuing his reign of destruction, Taz’s decimating Area of Effect attack is now stronger than ever and is sure to hinder all enemies. 

Tasmanian She-Devil 

As the defender of the Tasmaniacs, Tasmanian She-Devil helps the team’s survivability with frequent Flips, granting up to 100% additional Defense to injured team members, and granting team members large amounts of Turn Meter and simultaneously removing Turn Meter from all enemies. All of this combined allows She-Devil to keep the tide of battle in your favor. 

Dodo, In-Wacknicolor

Dodo is an exceptional healer that is armed with a strong Emergency Heal and Cleanse. Providing up to +50% increased Recovery effects for injured team members and having Max-Health based healing skills allows this toon to top off even the beefiest of allies. Not to be confused with your average support toon, Dodo can deal considerable damage thanks to its main offensive skill; a multi-attack capable of hitting random enemies up to 5 times, while Flipping and Stealing Buffs with each hit. 

She-Devil Bugs

New to the World of Mayhem but not to mayhem itself, She-Devil Bugs helps fellow Tazmaniacs melt their enemy’s defenses with up to 50% of passive team-wide Piercing. Angered whenever enemies Flip or Steal, this toon gains large amounts of Turn Meter, ensuring it doesn’t have to wait long before its next turn. Not to be out done by Taz, She-Devil Bugs brings with them one of the strongest AOE attacks yet, cranking up this team’s damage output significantly. 

We hope you enjoy this team and find it to be a fun and versatile addition to your roster. We look forward to your feedback in the near future. Happy Mayhem-ing! 🙂